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High-quality pet food as a unique selling point

“When customers buy a particular product, they assume that it has actually come from the brand in question. But that is not always the case. It goes without saying that counterfeits cause enormous harm to a brand’s reputation.”
Daniel Scott
E-commerce manager, Express Pet Supplies
Amazon Seller Success Story by Daniel Scott, E-commerce Manager at Express Pet Supplies

Bon appetit!

When Express Pet Supplies was founded, founder John Mason and E-commerce Manager Daniel Scott were well aware that the whole thing would be far from easy.

Pet owners are among the best informed of all customers. For most people, it is the vet rather than the internet that is the primary and most important source of information when it comes to feeding their animals.

Research has shown that they place just as much value on the quality of the ingredients when buying food for their furry friends as they do when buying their own food — indeed, they may pay even more attention to this with their animals.

For this reason, John and Daniel have made quality the trademark of Express Pet Supplies.

“For us, everything revolves around healthy, nutritious, natural food”, explains Daniel. “Our customers know that we provide them with first-class ingredients.”

No room for fakes

With demanding customers, there is little room for manoeuvre when malicious parties try to profit from a brand's intellectual property and launch a counterfeit version of a premium product.

Customer demands are so high that food freshly prepared at home is the biggest competition for the pet food industry, as customers care so much about the well-being of their animals. Poor quality and counterfeit products can present brands with challenges before they have even seen success on the market.

“When customers buy a particular product, they assume that it has actually come from the brand in question. But that is not always the case. It goes without saying that counterfeits cause enormous harm to a brand’s reputation.”

“Ultimately, customers are not aware of where the product has come from. When they buy a particular brand, they expect to get what they pay for.”

From start-up to serious supplier

Daniel and John’s strategy of placing quality at the heart of their entire business has paid off.

Even though the company only launched its own website in 2014 — a good 14 years after Express Pet Supplies was founded — it has recorded steady growth. And that, according to Daniel, is largely thanks to Amazon.
We’ve sold our products on various websites, but Amazon has really helped us to move forward. Amazon was by far our largest sales channel — we achieved 80–90% of our total revenue through Amazon.
Daniel ScottE-commerce manager, Express Pet Supplies
The company’s success on Amazon prompted it to take its brand even further. The first step was to register the company’s logo and brand name as a trademark.

Building the brand

As soon as the Express Pet Supplies brand was registered, the company signed up to the Amazon Brand Registry. This allowed it to protect its brand and significantly expand its presence on Amazon by signing up for other brand-building programmes available in the Brand Registry.

“Joining the Brand Registry offers a number of benefits.”

“With A+ Content and Sponsored Brands, you can present your brand to a wider audience and really show what you have to offer. This has helped us a great deal in communicating the quality of our products to customers.”

Very important: Joining the Brand Registry has paved the way for the company to register with Transparency. This allows it to benefit from the Brand Protection benefits that this programme offers.

“One word to describe Transparency? Brilliant!”

“With Transparency, customers can see for themselves that the items they receive are genuine. The thing that matters at the end of the day is customer satisfaction, so this really is a great thing.”

As Express Pet Supplies puts customer trust first, the company was one of the first to share content using Transparency’s new app-based customer engagement feature. The company was able to provide more information about the history of its brand and its products, while customers verified the authenticity of the range. This has helped to convince customers and consolidate the brand’s reputation, as Daniel enthusiastically reports.
Customer engagement is a way to provide customers with more information about the products and about the brand itself. This not only gives customers the assurance that they are actually getting what they have ordered, but also ensures a consistent brand message, which in turn strengthens the brand.
Sales and the number of returning customers have also increased — a clear confirmation of the quality of Express Pet Supplies products.

Ready for the future

With pet food sales set to rise sharply over the next five years and the company’s good reputation, Express Pet Supplies’ future prospects are better than ever.

All thanks to Transparency.

“Transparency shows that brand protection is important to Amazon and that Amazon ensures that no low-quality or counterfeit goods are sold on its platform. And it also shows that it is important to you to offer your customers the highest quality.”

“I would definitely recommend Transparency as it has helped us achieve significant growth at very low costs. The investment is definitely worthwhile.”
“Transparency has proven to be a recipe for success for us.
Our sales have increased by an average of 50%. We owe this to our quality, but also to the fact that we were able to prevent our products from being counterfeited. We don’t have to deal with the problem of counterfeits potentially damaging our brand.”
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Get in touch with the Transparency team to find out more.

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