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Selling mobile phones online

How to sell mobile phones online

Mobile phones, also known as “mobiles” for short, have become a popular online product. In this article, the term “mobile phone” is used to refer to all kinds of mobile telephone.
In 2021, 11 billion mobile phones were sold in Germany alone and this total only includes new devices. It does not even include used mobile phones and accessories. The consistent demand in recent years shows that mobile phones are almost replacing computers thanks to their extensive range of functions, becoming completely indispensable for many people. Looking at this trend, selling mobile phones online is not only an exciting business idea, but can also be lucrative.

Nowadays, almost any product can be bought or sold online with hardly any price limits. Even products that require a great deal of explanation are being sold online in almost all product categories. Complex product groups such as electronics and mobile phones are now standard in online retail.
But someone who has never sold mobile phones online may find it difficult.

To start selling mobile phones online, you first need to familiarise yourself with providers, mobile phone brands, and models, so that you know what you can sell and where. This also includes all legal principles and warranty provisions that you must comply with.

This article is an informative guide for all sellers who are specifically interested in selling mobile phones online.

The article also provides information and details about listing and selling mobile phones online via Amazon as an alternative to setting up your own website.

It contains all the necessary steps that are required to start selling mobile phones on Amazon. This includes sales plans, payment processing information and rules and regulations for selling mobile phones on Amazon.
It also covers all additional services for electronics sellers or resellers.
Sell mobile phones

How to start your own online shop

Building up an online mobile phone shop can be a worthwhile business if you have substantial knowledge of market conditions before you start.
The products you sell could be new, used, or refurbished mobile phones. There are also various accessories, cables, headphones, speakers, or holders you could sell. You can supplement your stock with phone cases, tablets, laptops, software, or other small electronic devices.

Get started as an online seller

You can become an online mobile phone retailer by selling mobile phones you have purchased via an online shop you have built yourself. You can decide for yourself which brands, models, or accessories you wish to offer and whether you want to sell used or new mobile phones in your shop. It is recommended that you thoroughly research the products you offer in your online shop. To do this, compare all the products with other providers, checking the conditions you can purchase the products in and researching what is currently trending on the market to ensure your shop is economically viable.

Before you start your mobile phone shop, you should decide whether you want to create your own online shop or sell via an existing provider.

Here are a few things you should consider when setting up your own business if you don't have your own online shop yet.
  • Who will create your online shop for you: Will you use freelancers or agencies, or will you do it yourself with a shop-building kit that does not require any special programming knowledge?
  • Which software will you choose for your future online shop?
  • Which payment methods will your online shop offer?
  • Are additional apps such as shopping apps or apps for tracking shipments required?
  • Calculate all costs for setting up and maintaining the content of the website and online store before you start.
  • What legal provisions do you as a store operator need to be aware of, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regulation on packaging, Impressum, cancellation policy, and compliance with statutory warranty periods? Who can help you with that?
  • How can you ensure a better customer experience: e.g. through chatbots, using innovative technologies, personalised offers, data analytics, and more?
  • Which functions should my online shop include: e.g. product search pages, high-quality product presentations with images and accompanying text, clear navigation, user-friendly checkout process, multiple languages, and more?
  • What should I pay attention to when designing my online shop: Integrating a corporate design, prioritising the user experience, perfect presentation on targeted mobile devices, and more?
  • Delivery and logistics: Have you already thought about packing and shipping?
  • Also consider how returns are processed and who will be the contact person for customer enquiries.
  • How you attract visitors to your online shop and increase traffic is also very important. So, which marketing concept will you use for this and how much effort is involved?
The answers to these questions will help you create a legally sound and user-friendly online shop to set live. An online shop that meets the requirements of your target group and enables you to enter the online retail market successfully.

As you can see, this requires a good deal of preparation and investment that can quickly use up your resources in terms of time and money. The alternative would be to sell through an existing online shop, such as

Why sell on Amazon?

Among other things, Amazon offers you the advantage of bringing retails and customers together directly. Customers have a wide range of choices, while sellers have a large customer base for their products right from the start, which they would have to work hard to build up for their own online shop. To be precise, Amazon has over 44 million customers in Germany, 17 million of whom have a Prime account.

In addition, more and more people are starting product searches on Amazon directly instead of using search engines. As the product range is constantly expanding, the number of buyers will also continue to increase. If potential customers start searching directly on Amazon and find what they are looking for there, they won't even notice your independent online shop if you are not represented on Amazon. It is therefore becoming clear that Amazon's presence is playing an increasingly important role.
Furthermore, customers place a high degree of trust in Amazon and the simple payment process, which is conveniently completed by Amazon so you don't have to worry about that yourself. Amazon is easy for sellers to use and can relieve you of some tasks or make those tasks easier for you.

After all, consumers are buying almost everything else, from household items to electronics, online and often on Amazon. So why not mobile phones too?

If you're still considering which option would be best for your online mobile phone shop, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy as a seller on Amazon.
Sell mobile phone

Potential benefits of selling via Amazon

An established website with a high profile such as Amazon can make getting started as an online retailer for mobile phones and similar electronics much easier. Here you can get a more comprehensiveoverview of the available options.
These are just a few of the many benefits of working with Amazon.

Selling mobile phones on Amazon — step by step!

Here is an overview of which products you can sell, how you can buy them, and what you should keep in mind when doing so.

Step 1: Get an overview of what you want to sell

  • If you're selling on Amazon for the first time, start by getting an overview of what opportunities this can offer you. You should start with a small number of devices to gain initial experience. In any case, you should find out which electronics you can sell on Amazon and which are not allowed. This includes potentially dangerous products, items that violate copyright laws, and products from countries or regions that are subject to restrictions. Examples include signal jammers, laser pointers, and unlicensed video game amplifiers, to name just a few. Please also follow all guidelines on product and content restrictions to prevent being blocked as a sales partner.

Step 2: Create your Amazon seller account

Creating a seller account with Amazon is easier than you might think.

Go to Register, enter your details such as your name and email, set a password, and you're registered with Amazon. Then enter your business details and select the Mobile Phones and Accessories category.

Then it is time to decide whether you want to register as an individual seller or a professional seller. The main difference is in terms of benefits and fees.
  • The individual selling plan is ideal if you want to sell less than 40 items per month. You can create individual offers by associating products with existing pages or by creating new pages in the Amazon catalogue. You only pay fees to Amazon if you've sold an item. This makes this plan ideal for when you first start selling online on Amazon.
  • The professional selling plan gives you access to advanced selling tools for a basic monthly fee. Unlike the individual plan, you pay a monthly fee regardless of whether you list or sell products (instead of a per-item fee — although both plans require a referral fee to be paid for items sold). The professional selling plan also gives you access to inventory tools. You can upload multiple files and manage your orders via feeds and reports. These advanced tools are particularly useful for medium-sized to large companies.
Compare selling plans to see which option is best for reaching your goals.

Once you've decided on a selling plan, the next step is to use the cost calculator to calculate your sales margin per unit. Then the beginner’s guide will help you get started. After signing up as a selling partner on Amazon, you get access to the Seller Central dashboard, where you can list products, manage your inventory, and fulfil orders.

Step 3: Decide on a delivery method

Would you like to handle inventory, packing, and shipping yourself or would you rather Amazon do it all for you? As a sales partner on Amazon, you have two options for fulfilling orders:
  • Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) means that as a sales partner, you take care of sales, storage and inventory management, customer service, and deliveries yourself.
  • Alternatively, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) gives you access to Amazon's logistics service. Specifically, this means: You ship the devices and other items to an Amazon fulfilment centre and they'll do the rest for you. Fulfilment by Amazon includes storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns. Using Fulfilment by Amazon to ship your products is also the easiest way to get the Prime logo for most offers. Many Amazon customers are looking for products with the Prime logo because it represents fast and free shipping. While you take care of sales and marketing, Amazon manages storage, deliveries, and customer service. FBA is the first choice for larger shops with large inventories.

Step 4: Sale of new mobile phones

In the mobile phone industry, there are two sales channels for new devices. The first sales channel is direct sales. This generally refers to the sale of products to end customers without the involvement of retailers, but with the help of sales representatives, commissioners, and brokers. Sales are usually carried out fully online or directly via stationary and regional sales offices.

The second sales channel is indirect sales through external sales partners, who support manufacturers with marketing to ensure distribution in the area. Examples include mobile providers, which act as intermediaries and offer mobile phones in connection with a mobile phone contract, as well as retail chains and various online shops, which offer the devices at the same price as the manufacturers. Through bulk purchases, discounts or additional services can be negotiated with manufacturers.

Before you start as a mobile phone seller, find out about the requirements on Amazon for product quality, devices without a SIM lock, provider logos, prepaid versions, and the mandatory packaging for mobile phones. You should also take a look at the guidelines for digital products on Amazon to avoid any potential conflict with them. If the products you sell are mobile phone devices that are suitable for wireless accessories, it is very important to include details in the product description.

The easiest way to list your products on Amazon is with the Amazon Seller app, which is available for Android and Apple devices. The Amazon Seller app includes a scanning function so you can simply scan the barcodes on new mobile phones to add them. If the scanned devices are not yet available on Amazon, you can request a listing. Please also note the warranty conditions required for electrical appliances in the EU.

Step 5: Sale of used mobile phones

Used mobile phones are sold by companies that offer used devices for purchase. These are used devices that are assessed by buyers and repaired if necessary in order to sell them again as fully functional mobile phones. If you choose this option, review the guidelines for selling used products on Amazon Renewed before you list them online.

You must qualify before you can sell refurbished and used products or products with opened packaging on Amazon. This process requires you to meet the following criteria:
  1. When dealing with large quantities of used products, you must meet the following criteria: Value of goods over 20,000.00 EUR, which you can prove with invoices from the last 90 days from the date of application. This can vary from brand to brand.
  2. It is necessary to submit a sample of your products complete with the packaging. This requires at least ten pictures of the product and packaging. You can find out exactly how to handle this process here. For certain brands, the process may require additional documentation in connection with Amazon's product inspection.
  3. As a sales partner on Amazon or as a new starter, you must also consider the order defect rate.
These guidelines also apply to all other used or refurbished products, such as tablets, laptops, etc.

Step 6: Sale of accessories

When selling accessories, such as chargers, phone holders, screen protectors, adapters, smartwatches, and headphones or earphones—just to name a few—it is important to provide correct information on the compatibility of mobile phone models. You can find out the best and easiest way to ensure this here. If your accessories can be connected to a mobile phone, it is particularly important to describe precisely which accessories match which devices. This ensures that the individual components can be organised clearly.
By following these instructions, you reduce returns and negative reviews and can create more positive customer experiences.

Step 7: Mobile phone promotions

With the “Price Hit” tool, you can quickly and easily get the current lowest prices on Amazon for specific products, which allows you to compare the current sales prices.
Learn more about the “Apply Price Hit” feature and how you can use it for one or several offers.

Step 8: Promote and market your mobile phones

Now is the time to think about how you can really move your mobile phone sales forward.

Take advantage of Amazon tools

If you want to sell mobile phones, you should definitely use Amazon Seller University. Watch free training videos to help you learn the basics of sales, sales tools, advertising, and sales promotion. With Amazon advertising, you can grow your business, increase sales, and measure the effectiveness of your ads. Check out the Amazon Ads website to learn more.

Promote your mobile phone shop on social media

Social media can be a powerful tool to increase your business presence. Find out where your target group is and increase your activities for this demographic.

Pay attention to reviews

Good reviews help build trust. Here are a few tips for getting positive feedback:
  • Be detailed and accurate when describing the devices and accessories.
  • Ship the products ordered from you on time.
  • Respond in a prompt and friendly manner to all customer enquiries.
  • If problems arise, respond as quickly as possible to find a solution.
  • As a professional sales partner, good reviews also increase the chance that your product will be listed as a recommended offer (the first option on the yellow “Buy” button).

Step 9: Mobile phone packing and shipping

When choosing the delivery method, remember that only satisfied customers can become regular customers!

Fulfilling orders using the FBA method

  • Create your shipment using your Amazon Seller Central account. But before you do that, take a look at all the details of sending/replenishing your Amazon inventory.
  • Pack your products appropriately for shipping to an Amazon fulfilment centre. For more information, see Parcel Deliveries to Amazon, Packing and Preparation Requirements and Product Size Ratings.
  • Verify that your shipments are properly labelled and meet shipping label requirements.
  • If you want to sell new mobile phones, carefully read the requirements for FBA products that should be sold as new.
  • Track how Amazon receives and stores your inventory to be sure that your shipment has arrived properly.

Fulfilling orders using the FBM method

  • Manage orders from your seller account
  • Pack all products adequately and securely for shipping.
  • Prepare the delivery notes and print them out. Amazon will then generate a product and shipping label for you in PDF format (see Printing a Delivery Note).
  • Send your parcel with the carrier of your choice. It is best to choose one that allows you to track your shipment.
  • Follow these instructions to confirm orders: Confirm a shipment.

Shipping service

If you ship your mobile phones yourself, you should use Amazon's mail-order purchase service. It lets you buy shipping labels, ship, confirm, and track orders all in one place. With this service, you automatically receive confirmation and do not have to do it manually.


There is no doubt that online retail is constantly changing today. The last few years have accelerated this so much that more and more people want to buy and sell different goods online. The sale of mobile phones can become an additional source of income — or the start of a lucrative online business.

All you have to do is be aware of the special features of an online business and what factors need to be considered when starting out. Before you start, you should definitely focus on topics such as identifying your market niche, properly establishing a supply chain, and creating a detailed business plan to lay a solid foundation for your entry into the business so you can successfully establish your online shop. If you are now considering selling new or used mobile phones, accessories, and/or tablets and laptops, Amazon can ensure a wonderful start for a new business model. The Amazon website is very popular. With numerous tools, Amazon helps you start selling in just a few hours. It doesn't matter which products you want to start with, the beginner’s guide will help you build a successful company.
Sell mobile phones


Is it lucrative to sell mobile phones online?
Selling mobile phones online can provide lucrative additional income or become a profitable business.
Here are a few benefits of selling mobile phones online:
  • As an online mobile phone retailer, it is possible to earn extra money.
  • When it comes to new mobile phones and accessories, there are few restrictions on how many or how few devices you want to sell.
  • For used or refurbished mobile phones, follow the regulations so that you can sell them online on Amazon.
  • This business can be very convenient for you and your customers, with no queues and no opening hours that need to be observed.
  • To become successful, offer a wide range of equipment and accessories for a specific niche.
What costs/fees should I expect when selling mobile phones with Amazon?
Amazon's sales plan offers you two possible options: Billing per sale (individual selling plan) or with a flat monthly fee (professional selling plan) You can decide which option is best for you based on your business model.

For computer accessories, such as laptops, etc.:
  • 15% for the portion of the total sales price up to €100.00
  • 8% for any portion of the total sales price greater than €100.00
  • €0.30 is the minimum referral fee.
For electronics, such as mobile phones and tablets:
  • 7% for the portion of the total sales price
  • €0.30 is the minimum referral fee.
For electronic accessories, all accessories for mobile phones include:
  • 15% for the portion of the total sales price up to €100.00
  • 8% for any portion of the total sales price greater than €100.00
  • €0.30 is the minimum referral fee.
Shipping costs depend on whether you pack and ship items yourself
(FBM) or outsource them to Amazon (FBA). If you choose,
to fulfil orders yourself, it is possible to use the shipping labels from
Amazon (“Buy shipping fee” service) to offer parcel tracking services to your customers.
Can I sell mobile phone accessories on Amazon?
You can sell your accessories, such as chargers, phone holders, screen protectors, adapters, smartwatches, and headsets⁠—to name a few⁠—on Amazon. Make sure that you give accurate information about the compatible mobile phone models. You can find out the best and easiest way to ensure this here.
Can I sell mobile phones on Amazon for free?
No, there are fees associated with selling mobile phones on Amazon.
When selling with Amazon, you can choose between an individual selling plan with pay-as-you-go pricing or a professional selling plan where you pay a flat monthly fee. Amazon also charges a referral fee for each sale, which is a percentage of the total transaction and varies by product category. Learn more about selling plans here.
What mobile phones can you sell on Amazon?
You can sell new mobile phones, used mobile phones, refurbished mobile phones, and mobile phone accessories. If your mobile phones don't have a barcode, you can also sell them with your own description, which is usually the case with used or refurbished mobile phones.
What must be considered when selling used or refurbished mobile phones?
Be sure to review the guidelines for selling used and refurbished products on Amazon Renewed.

You must qualify before you can sell refurbished products, used products, or products with opened packaging on Amazon. This process requires you to meet the following criteria:
  1. If you trade in large quantities of used products, you must meet the following criteria, goods value over 20,000.00 EUR, which you can prove with invoices from the last 90 days from the date of application. This can vary from brand to brand.
  2. It is necessary to submit a sample of your products complete with the packaging. This requires at least ten pictures of the product and packaging. You can find out exactly how to handle this process here. For certain brands, the process may require additional documentation in connection with Amazon's product inspection.
  3. As an Amazon sales partner or as a new starter, you must also consider the order defect rate.
These guidelines also apply to all other used or refurbished products, such as tablets, laptops, etc.
Should I only sell my mobile phones on Amazon?
You're not limited to just selling your mobile phones through a website. However, if you choose to sell through multiple sales channels, make sure to keep track of your inventory and organise sales processing accordingly. With this form of selling, Amazon's multi-channel solution can certainly help you manage your inventory and sales process.
What are the pros and cons of selling mobile phones on Amazon?
The benefits of selling mobile phones on Amazon include:
  • Access to Amazon's approximately 300 million customers worldwide
  • Tools and business resources from Amazon that optimise revenue, grow your business, and expand your customer base.
  • Services such as Fulfilment by Amazon that help with inventory, selling, shipping orders, and returns management, so you can free up your resources and focus on your business.
Some potential challenges may include:
  • You must remain competitive with your prices and customer service to differentiate your brand from competition from other sales partners who already serve millions of customers who visit Amazon every month.

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€39 (excl. VAT) per month + referral fees
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