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In a highly competitive market,

Transparency means having a competitive advantage

“But the best thing about it is that there have been no attempted violations of any of the products we have registered with Transparency.”
Jorge Hernández Jimenez
Amazon Seller Success Story by OcioDual team

Stand out in a saturated market

What is the secret to success in one of the most saturated retail industries?

Jorge Hernández Jimenez from OcioDual appears to have found the answer.

His brand, which sells consumer electronics and computer accessories, has grown over the last 10 years in a highly competitive market.

OcioDual, a company based in Alicante on Spain’s beautiful Costa Blanca, purchases its entire inventory in large quantities. This means that the company’s customers — private customers and businesses, including resellers — are almost guaranteed to receive unmatched offers. But what really sets the company apart is the quality of its products and its excellent customer service.

“Our quality standards are extremely high”, explains Jorge. “We also work with a first-class logistics company in the immediate vicinity. And we do everything we can to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.”

Original and unadulterated

It is very difficult to assert yourself in the highly competitive market for consumer electronics and computer accessories. When malicious parties counterfeit products, it can undermine confidence in brand quality.

According to an estimate by consultancy firm CSC Global, consumer electronics represent the fastest-growing category of counterfeit goods worldwide. The counterfeit consumer electronics market is worth USD 169 billion (around EUR 142 million). Brands are responsible for protecting their products from potential infringements and helping their customers to verify the authenticity and safety of the goods they purchase.
“Very often”, says Jorge, “customers don’t know exactly who they’re buying from. When they have bad experiences, they blame us for it and so we gradually become associated with this bad product.”
Jorge Hernández JimenezGeneral Manager, OcioDual
Most counterfeits don’t just exploit a brand’s hard work. The strict mandatory health and safety checks and quality controls that apply to legally manufactured products are also circumvented. Customers therefore unwittingly buy faulty, potentially unsafe, and inferior products. This can have a negative impact on customer trust, brand reputation, and future sales.

Official proof of authenticity with Amazon Brand Registry

Jorge initially sold OcioDual’s products on various websites. However, Amazon soon proved to be the most promising channel — and not just in terms of revenue. Jorge was also impressed by the brand protection options that Amazon offers.

“Amazon makes sure that your brand is protected. You simply list your products and Amazon will take care of the rest.”

Jorge started by registering OcioDual as a trademark. This allowed him to sign up for Brand Registry and take advantage of brand protection options such as the “Report a Violation” feature. He was also able to sign up for other brand-building programmes such as A+ Content and Sponsored Products.
His positive experience with Brand Registry prompted Jorge to take the next step and sign up for Amazon Transparency.

Adopting a proven approach

When Jorge found out about Transparency from another seller’s listing, he was impressed. “It seemed like a good, easy option for me”, he recalls.

The introduction of Transparency had direct, positive effects for OcioDual.
“Our customers are happier”, explains Jorge. “We are generating higher sales. And we can now once again make every effort to ensure that our products always meet our high standards, because that is exactly what we want to achieve. Our mission is to provide superior quality to our customers.”

But the decisive factor was the fact that Transparency is proactive and preventative and does not just come into play after a product has been counterfeited and the counterfeit discovered.
“In the past, we had to contact sellers ourselves. And when we were dealing with malicious parties, it involved legal costs for us. Transparency changes this. We don’t have to worry about pursuing counterfeiters ourselves anymore.”

“Transparency takes a burden off companies”

According to estimates by market research institutes, the market for computer accessories will reach a value of USD 284 billion (around EUR 239 billion) by 2025, while the consumer electronics market will be worth over USD 1 trillion (around EUR 842 billion).

Because OcioDual has succeeded in strengthening its reputation and brand with the help of Transparency, the company is ideally positioned to make the most of this opportunity.

“Things went great for us”, says Jorge. “We have achieved growth compared to the period before we started using Transparency, whereas other companies have seen revenue losses.”
With Transparency, we were able to increase our revenue by 30%. But the best thing: There have been no attempted violations of any of the products that we have registered
Given these figures, Jorge has no doubt that registering for Transparency is the right way to go.
With Transparency, you can focus on improving your product and don’t have to worry about things that shouldn’t be your problem, such as other people selling inferior products that damage your reputation. You can have complete peace of mind.
Consumer Electronics

Get in touch with the Transparency team to find out more.

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