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My insights about B2B versus B2C customers: higher average order value, loyalty, and smoother processes.

Jesús González Burgos
Director and Founder, Clim Profesional
Clim Profesional

How we succeeded in a highly competitive market

Jesús González Burgos firmly believed in the potential of an online channel and founded “Clim Profesional” in 2014 with the aim of selling cleaning products online for B2B customers. The business, based in Salteras, a small village in Seville (southern Spain), sells cleaning, hygiene and disposable products with a high B2B focus and also manufactures products under its own brand, “Clim Profesional”.

The cleaning products market is fiercely competitive — the selection is wide and it's hard to set yourself apart from your competitors, but Clim Profesional has found a unique way to do so: “It is our mission to always provide the best service and to build a long-term relationship with our B2B customers that is based on trust,” says Director and Founder of Clim Profesional, Jesús González Burgos.

Having experienced a boom during the COVID pandemic, the cleaning products industry is now back to normal and stable again and is not following any trend or seasonality.

We were selling products on Amazon before Amazon Business even existed

When Clim Profesional joined Amazon as a selling partner, Amazon Business didn't even exist yet. As the business had previously focused on B2B sales, it recognised the huge potential offered by Amazon Business as soon as it was launched. “Currently, 30-40% of our revenue comes from Amazon, and this figure is increasing year on year. We therefore consider Amazon an extremely important partner for our business,” says Jesús. Amazon Business with FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) helped Clim Profesional to expand the reach of its business from Spain and Portugal to all EU countries.
Amazon Business has given us a unique opportunity to reach new, high-quality B2B customers
Jesús González BurgosDirector and Founder, Clim Profesional
“We also sell our products on other online marketplaces, but we particularly like the focus on B2B sales that Amazon Business offers. That is what we find particularly motivating about selling on Amazon. Thanks to the various tools that can be used to influence B2B sales, this marketplace offers us opportunities that no other marketplace offers (for example, different prices for companies or quantity discounts),” notes Jesús.

Jesús also shares that his business is not only a B2B seller, but also a B2B customer on Amazon Business and buys its supplies there: “As a customer on Amazon, I have complete confidence that I am building my business with professional partners and that hassle-free ordering is guaranteed”.

My insights about B2B versus B2C customers: higher average order value, loyalty, and smooth processes.

We asked Jesús how his experiences of B2B customers differ from those of B2C customers. Here are the differences that his business has noticed:

“One of the biggest differences is the higher average purchase value, as B2B customers like to order in large quantities. Even when we offer lower prices per unit for B2B sales, the average sales are always higher overall”.
The average order value of B2B customers is higher than that of B2C customers, as companies usually buy in large quantities and more frequently. If there are any problems or difficulties with delivery, working with B2B customers is also significantly easier and faster.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and Founder, Clim Profesional
In addition, the relationship with the customer is very different, especially after the purchase. If there are problems or return requests, the process is much more smooth and efficient than it is with B2C customers.

Delivery times and logistics are easier for us as sellers when compared with home deliveries to private individuals. Thanks to the focus on B2B sales, our delivery time ratio is very efficient and provides a better delivery experience for the customer.

Finally, loyalty and return custom should be mentioned as a particular pattern: B2B customers are significantly more loyal than B2C customers. When a B2B customer likes a product, they are more likely to buy the same product repeatedly over the long term.

Overall, Jesús can say that his experience as a selling partner improves the more business he does with B2B customers. His B2B customers are extremely diverse, as every business needs cleaning and disposable products. He says that the biggest sectors are education (schools, universities, etc.), associations (neighbouring communities, offices), healthcare (hospitals) and hospitality (restaurants).

How Amazon Business tools are boosting our B2B business

“About 80-90% of our business comes from B2B sales, and the feature we use the most is the ability to set up quantity discounts in our catalogue to encourage bulk orders. We believe that B2B customers respond very positively to these types of promotions. The “Manage Quotes” feature is also very handy. This has also allowed us to offer ad-hoc discounts for special requests,” says Jesús.

Another important tool is Business Prices: “We find it particularly helpful that we can set special business prices alongside B2C prices. B2B customers have higher buying potential and are more likely to buy the product again. This allows us to adjust prices to ensure a stable and long-lasting relationship with our B2B customers”.
The VAT Calculation Service not only saves time for the customer and the seller, it also makes the relationship with the customer more efficient. This service avoids a lot of unnecessary back and forth with the customer, as invoicing is handled by Amazon.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and Founder, Clim Profesional

My advice if you want to develop your B2B business on Amazon

“For us, Amazon is an indispensable part of our brand. Without it, we would not be able to make our storefront available to millions of customers. Amazon also offers the necessary tools to increase visibility, such as the Brand Registry, which ensures security in terms of brand protection,” says Jesús.

Here is the advice he gives: “We would encourage other selling partners to address and adapt to the differences between B2B and B2C: Special business prices and quantity discounts are important tools for attracting B2B customers”.

Finally, Jesús stresses the importance of service for B2B customers, since “good service can guarantee the repeat custom and loyalty of these customers thereby creating a long-term relationship”.
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