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In this article, we'll explain how to add vehicle compatibility information to your spare car parts listings on Amazon. When buying car parts, customers need to know which items are suitable for their vehicle. Here's how you can add vehicle compatibility information to your listings to achieve a higher conversion rate, increased sales figures and fewer returns related to compatibility.

Why should you as a selling partner focus on vehicle compatibility?

Adding vehicle compatibility data to your listings using the Part Finder is a great way to ensure that customers buy the part they're looking for. We strongly encourage you to efficiently add compatibility information to your listings to optimise your search rankings. This leads to potentially higher conversions and a better customer experience.

How do I add compatibility information to a listing?

a) Individually

In the navigation bar in Seller Central or Vendor Central, click on "Inventory" then "Part Finder". Click "Add ASIN" and follow the instructions step by step. Add compatibility information to your listing using the pre-filled form.

b) Bulk upload

i) Use the Master Vehicle List (MVL) to search for kTypes
To upload in bulk, you will need to add compatibility information using the Master Vehicle List (MVL). The MVL is a database for vehicles that are currently in use in the region. This list is now available to all automotive selling partners on Amazon and contains the information on which our spare parts compatibility functions are based.

The MVL provides you with a unique kType for every vehicle. Download the MVL for the below areas:
Terms of Use
The data contained in the Master Vehicle List (MVL) may only be used for product listings on Amazon in the following countries: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and Poland. The MVL will also contain compatibility data for customers based in Austria for use in the German Amazon store. The right to use MVL depends on Amazon's MVL provision. If Amazon stops providing the MVL, your right of use will automatically expire.

The MVL may only be used in conjunction with new parts. The data contained in the MVL ("data") may not be used for trading used parts. Used parts are parts that have been previously installed in a vehicle, with the exception of spare parts or parts that have been reconditioned or overhauled. Any further use or disclosure of the data is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised use of the data will result in claims for damages by rights holder and may also result in fines or other penalties. If the user accesses the MVL and creates a listing in the Amazon online stores for Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland, they must fulfil their obligation to check the compatibility of the spare parts with a specific vehicle model. The MVL will also contain compatibility data for customers based in Austria for use in the German Amazon store.

By downloading and using the MVL, the above terms of use apply and are accepted by the user.

Last updated: February 2024
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ii) Add compatibility information to your listing
Go to the compatibility tool in Seller Central or Vendor Central. In the navigation menu, click "Inventory", then "Manage Part Finder". Click "Bulk upload" and download the sample of our bulk upload file for vehicle compatibility. Use the MVL to extract the kTypes of compatible vehicles for a listing and fill in the template accordingly in the vehicleIDTypeID column. Upload the file once you have finished filling it in.

Next steps?

We recommend using the MVL to add compatibility information to your current and future listings. The MVL is updated monthly. It's a good idea to check this page regularly for the latest version and make sure that your listings are regularly updated to include new vehicles.

Need assistance?

You can raise a ticket with our team via this link or send an email to

Terms of Use

Your use of the MVL is subject to the Terms of Use, which are available in the download area and in the downloadable document.

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