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How do I sell shoes on Amazon in 2023?
Websites now make countless items available online, including shoes.
This article provides an overview of how to sell shoes online. It addresses new, second-hand and branded shoes, as well as reselling collectibles and trainers.

It also explains how you can sell shoes on Amazon. Choose the right sales plan for your company and which service you would like to use on Amazon.
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Sell shoes online

Selling shoes online is easier than ever these days, no matter whether you want to sell second-hand, luxury brand or new shoes. Thanks to the wide range of apps, websites and services that have streamlined the process, you can get started with minimal difficulty even if you are new to selling online.

There are various ways to sell your shoes.
You can sell to a wholesaler or sell your shoes online yourself. With an online shop, you can choose between running your own shop or using an existing website such as Amazon.

Sell shoes online

One option is to sell your goods to a consignment store, which inspects then buys your goods and sends you the money immediately. Alternatively, the goods are offered to customers and you receive a share of the sales price—which can vary greatly depending on the provider—once the goods have been sold.

Another possibility is to create your own online shop to sell shoes. This enables you to set up your shop exactly the way you want it. This is a good option for special branded shoes or collectible shoes, for example. Please be aware that creating and maintaining your own online shop is hard work and may take up more time and financial resources than you had anticipated.

Online retail offers additional opportunities for traditional physical shoe shops. As a supplement to your boutique, you can start selling shoes online at the same time with a website like Amazon with relative ease.

Getting started with Amazon is very straightforward right from the beginning. The cost calculator gives you an overview of your outgoings, and there is a wealth of other information to help you get started with Amazon, such as the beginner's guide.
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Why is Amazon a good place to sell shoes?

The Amazon website attracts large numbers of visitors every day who buy a wide variety of items, including shoes.

Assuming you haven't sold any shoes on Amazon yet, this information will help you. You can also find information on Amazon that can help you grow your business in the first 90 days.

What are the advantages of using Amazon?

  1. An online shop visited by thousands of customers every day.
  2. Orders and payment that are easy to handle.
  3. The ability to sell abroad with Amazon.


Can I sell my own branded shoes on Amazon too?
You can indeed. The first step is to sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry.
What are the costs of using Amazon?
To calculate the precise costs, we recommend using the cost calculator.
Who handles return shipments?

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€39 (excl. VAT) per month + referral fees
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