Strategic Account Services Pro Plan

The Strategic Account Services Pro Plan has helped Alpha Foods fine-tune strategic product launches that have resulted in significant and incrementally measurable revenue growth.

Alpha Foods
"Strategic Account Services Pro Plan is a starting point and springboard into the diversity of Amazon stores."
Wolfgang Dorfner, Founder of Alpha Foods
Alpha Foods has set itself the goal of creating a positive impact on the health of its customers and doing so much more than established brands in the nutritional supplement sector. For this purpose, Wolfgang Dorfner and his team rely on GMO-free plant-based products without wholesale goods. For several years, Alpha Foods has been providing customers in the USA and Europe with sustainably produced nutritional supplements, such as superfood elixirs, vegan protein powders, vitamins, and vital substances. Amazon is a driving force behind the company's constantly evolving reach — and that’s with an average cross-border sales share of 30–⁠50%.

“Amazon is a great fit for us as a brand for many reasons. But above all, we share Amazon's values and place the satisfaction and well-being of our customers at the centre of everything we do”, summarises Wolfgang Dorfner.

“We have been selling on Amazon since 2015, but it wasn't until 2019 that we took control of our offers and sales on the marketplace”, admits Wolfgang Dorfner. However, Alpha Foods was immediately interested in joining the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan when a former Account Manager contacted a Marketplace Consultant. “The goal for us was to have a dedicated and strategic contact person at Amazon who helps us find our way around the dynamically changing Amazon marketplace — with all its challenges and opportunities”, Wolfgang Dorfner continues.

“Our Marketplace Consultant knows the benefits of Amazon like the back of his hand and can therefore assist with strategic guidelines or even contribute to operational matters on occasion”, Wolfgang Dorfner summarizes with joy.

When asked about the most effective recommendations for action that the Marketplace Consultant has ever given the company, Wolfgang Dorfner struggles to give one specific example: “It is always extremely helpful to be navigated through the wide range of services and opportunities that Amazon offers its sales partners. For Alpha Foods, sharing ‘best practices’ also had a noticeable impact on how we strategically position our products on Amazon.”
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