Sell online successfully: Tips to get you started

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Tips to get you started


Online retail is gaining ground: In 2021, gross revenue from online sales rose by 19% to 99.1 million Euro, and that trend is rising. Selling products online is becoming the new normal in starting a flexible business and meeting demand.

The following article includes the most important tips around setting up your online business properly from the outset and selling successfully online.
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A summary of the benefits of online retail

Selling products online is easy and can be implemented with little effort or start-up capital. In addition, online business is flexible in terms of time and location, and you can scale it according to your own needs.
A summary of the benefits of online retail

Spoilt for choice: Which product would you like to sell online?

Product selection has a significant influence on the success of your online sales. As a first step, it is therefore worthwhile investing time and research into product selection.

Use market studies to give you an idea of which products are currently trending and which products are still in demand.

Alternatively, with little start-up capital, you can earn additional income by selling your used items online through online stores such as Amazon. You can also use them to research your product pricing.
Which sales channel is right for your product?

Which sales channel is right for your product?

The next step is to consider which sales channels are right for you to sell your chosen product online. Online stores like Amazon offer the advantage of reach, because they are already used by many people.

Amazon DE 1 allows you to easily create product listings, benefit from Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) 2 in your logistics, and use successful marketing solutions3 and advertising campaigns. Simply read the Amazon Beginner's Guide4, learn more about B2B programmes5 and start your online business.

Social selling

Social selling is becoming increasingly popular as a sales strategy. The advantage is that you don't have to set up your own website to start selling. Simply use your existing social media profiles to generate sales quickly and easily.

Although having your own online shop offers more options and freedom of design, it involves considerable technical effort and costs. E-shops with modular solutions or e-commerce services with dropshipping in particular can help here.


So selling products online is probably a lot easier than you think.
The essential components of building a successful online business include an intuition for the right niche markets, trends, product selection and, above all, choosing the best sales channel.


Which products sell best online?
Analyse the market, potential profitable niches and your competitors to decide on the ideal product. To get started, why not simply sell your used stuff online?
What is the right sales channel for my product?
Depending on your choice, you can benefit from the cost-saving advantages of online stores such as Amazon, social selling, your own online shop or e-shop solutions with additional offers, such as dropshipping.
Do I have to buy the products for my online store in advance?
No, if you don't have any stock, you can opt for a dropshipping solution, such as “Fulfilment by Amazon.” As soon as the customer buys from you, you can order from your supplier.
I'm not a sales professional — how can I still be successful?
You can easily get tips from professionals, such as the Amazon Beginner's Guide, which is full of tips and tricks to get your online business off to a successful start.
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