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US tax regulations

Taxes in the US are different from what you may be used to in Europe
Marketplace Facilitator legislation requires Amazon to collect, transfer, and refund VAT on your behalf, depending on the destination of the order. You can read here to find out how this is implemented in individual states. However, there may still be individual states in which you are required to register and apply for other types of taxes.

It is your responsibility to understand your US tax obligations. If you are unsure of your obligations or require assistance, you can contact an accountant or tax advisor. You can find these in the Service Provider Network in your Seller Central.

These providers can help you understand your tax liabilities, assist you with tax registration, and file tax returns in any states where you are required to do so. Alton, AVASK, and Mercatorz all offer free initial consultations to help you understand your specific US tax liabilities. Some partners offer discounts specifically for Amazon merchants or new customers.

Set up your business in the US

As a European business, you may not need to set up a US company in order to sell your products there. However, depending on the specifics of your business and your sales strategy, it may be beneficial to do so. In general, there are two approaches a foreign company can take when deciding to sell in the US:

1. Set up a US-based company (such as an LLC) and sell your products through that company.

2. Sell products directly from your European-based company to customers in the US.
You should carefully consider your options and seek professional advice to make the best tax decisions for your business, as Amazon cannot provide tax advice. In the Service Provider Network, you will find trustworthy tax advisors who will assist you with your questions and decisions.
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Search for a tax advisor in the Service Provider Network (SPN)

Step 2

Enter your marketplace of origin and your destination marketplace, such as the UK and the US, and select taxes as your service.

Step 3

Select your tax advisor from the listed providers.

Step 4

Send a contact request and make sure that your contact details are correct.

Step 5

Providers should respond to your request via email or phone within 48 hours.

Recommended tax advisors in the
Service Provider Network

The Amazon Global Selling team works with a small group of tax providers to ensure that the quality of service you receive is of a high standard. The team recommends Alton, AVASK, and Mercatorz — more information found on this page. Each provider offers a free initial consultation. If you want to work with a different provider, you can find alternatives in the Service Provider Network.

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