Thanks to the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan and the Pan-EU programme, Heim & Büro has succeeded in driving forward the international expansion of its product range and its reach as important success factors.

"Thanks to strategic pan-EU consulting, we have succeeded in offering products internationally as part of the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan, helping us win over potential new customers throughout Europe."
Thomas Weigel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Heim & Büro
What began as a startup in 2010 is now a company that operates far beyond international borders. In the first step, the company founders focused on selling merchandise. Within a short period of time, the first of their proprietary products were developed and positioned on the market. In the years that followed, Heim & Büro opened up new B2B and B2C markets across Europe. The growing range of proprietary products resulted in the ONVAYA® brand being registered in 2015. Existing and new products are now established on the market under this label — and are also available from Amazon stores, of course.

“Amazon Stores plays an important role in our cross-business strategy. And that is exactly why we decided to join the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan in order to focus, intensify and optimise our Amazon activities together with a dedicated Amazon Marketplace Consultant", summarises Thomas Weigel.
“As a result of comprehensive and holistic advice from our Marketplace Consultant, we have already developed multiple optimised processes, such as for creating content and listings. Just by optimising these processes, we were able to accelerate our globalisation strategy in a resource-efficient manner”, notes Thomas Weigel.
When asked how he would describe the partnership as part of the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan and the positive effects stemming from this partnership, Thomas Weigel answered as follows: "The Strategic Account Services Pro Plan has optimised the way we work on Amazon in many areas. We proactively receive early notifications of promotions and new programmes that help us exceed our revenue goals. We appreciate the collaborative partnership and the regular ballot meetings. For us, participating in Strategic Account Services Pro Plan is a key strategic decision for the future of Heim & Büro."
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