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On average, B2B customers have a larger shopping basket and return products less frequently.

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What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business gives you additional opportunities to grow your revenue with new business customers of all types and sizes.

Grow with us

Reach five million business customers

worldwide, including the largest companies, universities, cities, hospitals, schools and other organisations in the EU and the UK

Gain trust

As a seller, benefit from the outstanding brand recognition and trust that Amazon enjoys among customers

Grow with help from Amazon

by using selection, pricing and invoicing solutions that help you achieve success with B2B customers
Our customers include:


More than 80
Fortune 100 companies


of the 100 most populous cities


of the 100 largest hospital systems in the world


tax-exempt, non-profit organisations

Amazon Business features for selling partners

free of charge for our selling partners
Accept requests for quotes

Product recommendations

To help you choose which products to sell, we analyse and share the results of which products are in high demand by business customers.

Pricing for corporate customers and quantity discounts

With business pricing tools, you can create and automate a pricing strategy exclusively for business customers and encourage them to buy in bulk by offering tiered quantity discounts.
Business Pricing & Quantity Discounts
VAT-exclusive price display

VAT Calculation Service Prices excluding VAT and automated invoicing

Amazon helps you create invoices that meet the needs of your business customers. The VAT Calculation Service calculates the VAT included in your recommended selling price, so that your listings for business customers show VAT-exclusive prices. It automatically creates and sends invoices with VAT (or receipts for VAT-exempt selling partners) on your behalf. You get access to detailed reports and create trust with your customers with an invoice guarantee for every transaction.

$35 billion

Amazon Business annual revenue worldwide

More than 50%

of this turnover is generated by selling partners

75 million

items are sold annually on Amazon Business by sellers in the EU and the UK
Amazon Business selling partner success stories

Getting started with Amazon Business

Step 1

Register as a selling partner
If you are already registered as a seller on Amazon, you can start right from Step 2 as you can automatically sell on Amazon Business as well.

Step 2

Add products to your catalogue
You can add the products individually or use tools to upload in bulk.

Step 3

Boost your sales with specialised B2B features
With our free VAT Calculation Service, you can automate invoicing, set business prices and quantity discounts to tailor your offerings to business customers and expand your selection with highly sought-after product recommendations.
Congratulations! You're all set up. We'll notify you when customers place an order so that you can ship the relevant items and receive payment.

Would you like more help from Amazon? Amazon is here to make your life easier. Benefit from one of the world's most advanced and trusted fulfilment networks and have Amazon store and ship your products. Learn more about Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

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Amazon Business


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