How HQ Germany doubled its turnover on Amazon through personalised advice and listing optimisation

One of the greatest benefits of the programme is having a direct contact person. Amazon advisors are well connected and have the knowledge needed to overcome challenges that are specific to Amazon.
Severin Thomas, Founder & CEO
HQ Germany is a professional fitness equipment brand that specialises in free weights, which are needed for weightlifting, powerlifting and cross training. The company was founded in 2020 and launched its business directly on Amazon. 

When Severin joined Amazon's SAS Essentials programme, he initially focused on listing optimisation and the structure of his ad campaigns. These two aspects proved to be the biggest drivers for growing his business. In January, Severin had an average TACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) of 17% on his ad campaigns. By working with Amazon advisors, he managed to reduce his TACoS to 8%. The conversion rates of his listings also rose once he had optimised the images and copy.
"I get very comprehensive reports that are evaluated by my advisor; all I have to do is say, 'I'd like to analyse XY, can you draw up the relevant report for me?'"
Severin is currently working on expanding to other European countries with the help of Amazon. He is also planning to implement features such as merchandising and catalogues that are available to ASP participants. Furthermore, Severin is preparing to expand his product range, relying on the support of his Amazon advisor to select the most promising products and analyse the market.

"We're currently working on EU expansion with suitable products and on features that you now get as a programme participant," says Severin

Working closely with an Amazon advisor and optimising listings and ad campaigns has proven key to growing
HQ Germany.

Severin highlighted several benefits of Amazon's SAS Essentials programme, including:
1. Dedicated contact person:
A committed contact at Amazon who has the seller's interests at heart.

"At long last, you get a dedicated contact person at Amazon who understands your interests as a seller," says Severin
2. Data basis and reports: Access to a wide range of reports prepared by an advisor to help with decision making.

"I get very comprehensive reports that are analysed by my advisor; all I have to do is say, 'Give me a few figures, what does it look like there?'" says Severin

3. Listing optimisation: Help with creating and optimising listings.
4. Access to deals and events: Regular notifications about deals and events on Amazon that help to increase sales.

"I receive regular emails about new opportunities with an invitation to see if we want to take part," says Severin
5. A+ content: Help with creating A+ content to optimise product listings and increase conversion rates.

"An Amazon advisor explained all the available options to me and gave me data-based recommendations for the perfect A+ content," says Severin
6. Structured branding: Development of clear branding for all listings to increase recognition and professionalism.

"We've developed an excellent concept that we can apply to any listing, and it goes without saying that saves me a great deal of time," says Severin
Working closely with an Amazon advisor and making effective use of the available resources have contributed significantly to increasing profitability and opening up new business potential.
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