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Fast delivery and easy inventory management
Prime badge on eligible products.
Free storage and removal for new ASINs
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Sellers in Germany have seen an average 37%* increase in sales when switching to FBA as a result of the fast delivery times that customers love.

* This percentage is based on an analysis of data per channel from Q4/2019 to Q4/2020 (excluding Q2/2020 due to the impact of COVID-19). This serves only as a general guide. It does not reflect real-time updated data and is not specific to an ASIN or product category. Actual results may vary depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to seasonality, selling price and existing delivery solution. Amazon does not guarantee any particular outcome for your business by using FBA.
Try FBA and get free delivery, returns, and more

Try FBA and get free delivery, returns, and more

Amazon's New Seller Incentives offer free clicks on ads, free delivery to fulfilment centres, free storage, free liquidations and free return processing. Conditions apply.

Let FBA pick, pack, and deliver your orders

You sell it, we deliver it. Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfilment centres in the world. With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon's fulfilment centres, and we pick, pack, deliver, and provide customer service for these products. Fulfilment by Amazon can help you scale your business and reach more customers.
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The benefits of FBA

Icon: Line drawing of a delivery van in motion with a check mark

Your products are eligible for Amazon Prime FREE premium delivery, FREE delivery and more.

All Prime members love the Prime FREE premium delivery offered on eligible orders. The products you list on FBA can qualify for free delivery too, as well as the sought-after Prime badge. This lets your customers know that Amazon takes care of packaging, delivery, customer service and returns.
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FBA makes it easier to sell across Europe

Amazon offers a range of fulfilment solutions across Europe, so you can choose the one that suits your business best. Pan-European FBA is the most popular and fastest service. Amazon uses fulfilment centers throughout the EU for storage and delivery. The European delivery network delivers your products from the central warehouse in their country of origin. “Multi-Country Inventory” is used to store stock in and deliver from fulfilment centres in the countries you specify. If you want to stay up to date on changes related to Brexit, visit our help page Prepare your Amazon business for Brexit (login required).
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Customers get Amazon's trusted customer service and returns.

FBA takes this operational burden off your shoulders, leveraging Amazon’s global customer service network to manage customer inquiries, refunds, and returns on FBA orders.
  • FBA customer support: Cross-language phone/e-mail support, day and night, at no extra cost to you, besides Returns Processing Fees in certain product categories.
  • FBA returns: We will manage all customer service to do with returns, via our Online Returns Centre. Read more about FBA policies regarding customer returns for orders placed on Amazon.de.
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Find the perfect fit with FBA’s special programmes

“Fulfilment by Amazon” is all about flexibility – finding what best suits your business objectives and giving you a broad range of options when it comes to fulfilling orders from your customers all across Europe. We handle the details to save you time, allowing you to focus on your business. FBA’s specialized services can help you grow your business without new investments in capital or staffing:
  • Sign up to the programme and get free storage, free returns for unsold products, free returns processing and a 10% monthly discount on sales of eligible ASINs that are new to FBA.
  • Reduce the cost of fulfilling orders for low-cost, small and lightweight FBA inventory.
  • Offer discounts on eligible FBA products for repeat customers.
  • Sell from your own or third-party e-commerce sites, with Amazon picking, packing and shipping to your customers.
  • Use FBA to provide storage, delivery (point of use and curbside), returns and customer service to Amazon for your heavy and bulky products.
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It's cost-effective

Pay as you go – you are charged for storage space and the orders we fulfil. The cost of delivery is included in your fees, with no extra charge for Amazon Prime FREE premium delivery and free shipping on eligible orders. Fees for Selling on Amazon and optional services may apply.

FBA storage and fulfilment fees

Normal fees

Inventory fees

Charged for all items stored in an Amazon fulfilment centre, and based on your daily average volume of inventory measured in cubic feet. See how to determine the product size tier for your items.

Fulfilment fees

Charged per unit for picking and packing your orders, delivery and handling, customer service, and product returns. Use the FBA revenue calculator to estimate fees and see how to preview your fees.

Occasional fees

Surcharge for old stock in storage

Assessed monthly for all items stored in a fulfilment centre for more than 271 days. Maintaining sound inventory health can help you avoid long-term storage fees.

Fees for return orders

You can have Amazon return or dispose of your inventory in a fulfilment centre for a per-item fee.

Return processing fees

Charged on orders when Amazon provides a customer with free return delivery.

Unplanned services fees

Charged when inventory arrives at a fulfilment centre without proper preparation or labelling, making unplanned services required.
Learn more about the cost of FBA. Use the Fulfilment by Amazon Revenue Calculator on Seller Central to estimate your FBA fees.
In addition you can download the rate cards for the following languages:

Get Started with FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon can help eliminate your fulfilment headaches and help you scale your business.

Step 1

Set up FBA
Create your Amazon selling account, and login to Seller Central to set up FBA.

Step 2

Create your product listings
Once you add your products to the Amazon catalogue, specify FBA inventory.

Step 3

Prepare your products
Prepare your products for safe and secure transportation to a fulfilment centre, according to Amazon packing guidelines and delivery and routing requirements.

Step 4

Deliver your products to Amazon
Create your delivery plan, print Amazon shipment ID labels, and send your deliveries to Amazon fulfilment centres. Learn more about sending inventory to Amazon.
Once Amazon receives your products at the fulfilment centres, they are available for customers to buy. Visit Seller Central Help to learn about how to manage FBA orders.
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VAT made easy

Understand how your fulfilment model affects VAT requirements

Depending on the nature of your business, you will be required to register for a VAT number in a European country as per the regulations. Some of the factors that influence your VAT obligations are the fulfilment model and the country of inventory storage.
Learn more about EPR
If you sell in France and/or Germany, Amazon will be required by law to confirm that you are complying with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations from 2022.

EPR is an environmental policy that makes the producer responsible for the entire life cycle of the products, from product design to end-of-life management (waste collection, sorting and recycling). This applies to all sales partners, regardless of the fulfilment channel. We recommend that you visit our dedicated help pages to learn more about EPR.

inventory management

Use the tools in your seller account to list products, create delivery plans, send in shipments, track and monitor your deliveries, and remove inventory from Amazon fulfilment centres.

Inventory Performance Dashboard

Your Inventory Performance Dashboard displays your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score, along with key influencing factors. Be sure to check your IPI score regularly—a low score could lead to overage fees and limit your ability to send more inventory.

Manage excess inventory

Optimize your inventory levels by knowing when to mark down or remove your products. Monitor detailed information about storage fees, opportunities to drive sales, and suggestions to help improve returns on your inventory.

Track inventory age

Improve sell-through rates and avoid long-term storage fees. Use Inventory Age tools to understand how much inventory you’re holding, and see how long it’s been in fulfilment centres.

Correct stranded inventory

Keep your listings active by including necessary pricing and condition information and resolving errors. If your inventory is in fulfilment centres without an associated active listing, it’s not available for purchase.

Replenish inventory

Keep your best-selling inventory in stock with personalised replenishment recommendations. You can also customise them for future promotions and seasonal demand patterns. Track your inventory and supplier orders so that you’re prepared to meet product demand.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about using Amazon for eCommerce.
What is Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)?
“Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)” is a service where Amazon takes care of the storage, packaging and shipping of your products, as well as customer support and returns.
When you sign up for Fulfilment by Amazon, you must first pack your products and send them in bulk to one of our fulfilment centres.
Fulfilment by Amazon also has specific programmes for certain product types that suit your business, such as Low-price FBA rates, Pan-European Fulfilment by Amazon, Subscribe & Save, Multi-Channel Fulfilment and FBA Heavy Bulky.
How much does FBA cost per item?
There are different fees depending on which FBA service you choose:
1. Fulfilment fees per unit sold, including packaging, shipping, handling, customer service and returns.
2. Monthly inventory fees based on inventory at Amazon FBA fulfilment centres.

Amazon's estimation tools, such as cost calculators, changes to shipping fees, and inventory management, help you to estimate your Amazon shipping fees.
How do I sell with Amazon FBA?
Create your Amazon Seller Partner account and sign in to Seller Central.
Learn how to get started and then set up Amazon FBA; to sign up, you will need:
  • A business email address or an Amazon customer account
  • A chargeable credit card (international credit cards are also accepted)
  • A valid passport or national ID (identity verification protects sellers and customers)
  • Company registration details (with VAT number if possible)
  • A valid telephone number
  • A bank account to which Amazon can transfer proceeds from your sales
Then, create your product list, after which you can add products to your Amazon catalogue and specify which products will be in your FBA inventory.

Next, send your products to an Amazon fulfilment centre following Amazon's packaging guidelines and shipping conditions.
What can I sell with Amazon FBA?
What you can sell on Amazon FBA depends on the brand, product and category. Some products are open to all sellers, and others may require a professional seller account.
View the list of product restrictions and the list of product restrictions for Fulfilment by Amazon. To sell branded products that are copyrighted, patented, or trademarked, you must either be the owner of the company or an authorised reseller. To sell refurbished or used items, you must qualify to sell on Amazon Renewed.
What is “fulfilment”?
The entire process of receiving, storing, picking, packing and then shipping orders to customers, including returns or exchanges, is referred to as fulfilment.
To fulfil an order, you can opt for in-house fulfilment, third party fulfilment, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF).
What is the difference between Fulfilment by Amazon and FBM?
FBA is “Fulfilment by Amazon” and FBM is “Fulfilment by Merchant”. With FBA, Amazon takes care of the entire fulfilment process for you, while with FBM, the merchant (you) is responsible for storing, packing, shipping and delivering the products to customers.
Are all Prime orders fulfilled by Amazon?
No, not all Prime orders can be fulfilled by Amazon.

For items that do not work well with Prime Fulfilment by Amazon, such as those that do not move fast or for which demand is difficult to predict, there is Seller Fulfilled Prime or SFP. This is a programme available to Amazon Prime members who are able to ship orders directly from their warehouse or storage location.
What is “Manage Excess Inventory” from Fulfilment by Amazon?
Amazon FBA's Manage Excess Inventory tool helps you to track offers with excess inventory and provides you with information to enable you to take appropriate action, as well as suggestions for improving inventory performance. It helps you to assess product demand and costs, seller inputs and price elasticity, identifies issues that could impact your product sales and gives you options for selling your inventory.
What is the FBA sales rate?
The FBA sales rate is the number of units sold and shipped in the last 90 days divided by the average number of units in stock. The average inventory quantity is based on snapshots of stock on the respective day and 30, 60 and 90 days before that.
Your status overview for managing inventory in Seller Central shows recommendations as to how you can improve your sales rate.
What is the percentage of stranded inventory from Fulfilment by Amazon?
A listing can be stranded if it wasn't created properly from the start or is suppressed. In this case, storage fees will be charged, but it cannot be sold because the offer is not active. Check this with the inventory report.

Your performance is measured by the percentage of your inventory that is currently not available for purchase from Amazon. This is known as the “percentage of stranded inventory”.

The other metric you need to consider is the quantity of stranded units, which represents the total number of units without an active offer, and the “Fix Listings” button, which lists the SKU units with no active offer. The Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory Report option can be used to sort these.
What is the FBA Restock tool?
The “Restock Inventory Tool” helps you keep track of the number of items you have in stock so you can meet customer demand by suggesting which products should be restocked, how many should be ordered and when they should be shipped.
With this smart optimisation tool, you can predict when you will need to restock your items while taking into account your variable costs, expected revenue and future requirements. The recommendations help you to get the best return on your inventory investments by finding just the right inventory levels
What is FBA's Excess Inventory Percentage?
Excess inventory percentage is the percentage of your FBA inventory units that are in excess or that have been available for over 90 days.

Excess or aged inventory has a negative impact on the Inventory Performance Index or IPI, which measures how well your inventory is performing over time.

Your IPI score checks the way in which you manage your FBA inventory. Your performance dashboard helps you to find ways to increase revenue, cut costs and keep track of key performance indicators.
What is the FBA in-stock rate?
The in-stock rate tracks how successfully you stock popular goods.
This only applies to FBA goods sold in the last 60 days. Items with no sales or products shipped by the seller (i.e. products for which you are responsible for storage, packaging and shipping) are not taken into account.

In Seller Central, this metric is displayed on the inventory dashboard and is updated daily. An inventory ratio of 90–100 percent is considered good.
What is an FBA seller?
An Amazon FBA seller is an e-commerce company that sells products through an Amazon store and participates in the “Fulfilment by Amazon” programme.
For Amazon FBA sellers, Amazon takes care of logistics and operations, while FBA sellers are responsible for selecting their products, shipping their inventory to Amazon FBA fulfilment centres and ensuring that their inventory is always up to date.

Help grow your business with Fulfilment by Amazon

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