Amazon FBA: Shipping for you.

We make shipping easy with Fulfilment by Amazon! We take care of storing your products, packing them and shipping them to customers, as well as providing reliable 24/7 customer service in the local languages of Amazon stores.
€39 (excl. VAT) per month + referral fees
Choose the option that best describes your business:

Become a selling partner with FBA and start growing your business from day one

FBA helps you kick-start your Amazon journey, reaching millions of customers and delivering a Prime experience thanks to Amazon's unique logistics network. Discover the unrivalled benefits of selling through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

You can increase your sales by up to 35%* with free and fast delivery, which is extremely popular with customers.

What is FBA?

FBA is our storage, shipping and customer service programme that lets you benefit from Amazon's unparalleled shipping expertise.

Simply send your products to our fulfilment centres in Europe and the UK and we'll take care of the rest, including a next-day delivery promise and the Prime experience for your customers, from ordering and delivery through to customer service.
Fulfilment Across Europe

Our selling partners see an average increase in sales of 35%* when they switch their products to FBA because delivery is faster

*This figure is based on an analysis conducted in 2019 and 2020 (not taking into account the impact of COVID-19). It is provided for general reference and does not relate to a specific ASIN or product category. Actual results may vary due to a number of factors. Amazon does not guarantee any particular outcome for your business by using FBA.

Why should you use FBA?

Fulfilment Across Europe

Benefit from Amazon's shipping expertise

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer: We know shipping inside out. Benefit from our unique expertise and innovations in our fulfilment centres. FBA enables you to reduce costs as you don't need to maintain stock or employ additional staff. We strive to continuously improve shipping and increase our selling partners' satisfaction.

Give your customers the Prime experience

Products that you sell through FBA are eligible for the Prime badge. This provides customers with fast next-day delivery. This is how you make your products stand out — because we know how much customers love Prime.
Fulfilment Across Europe
Fulfilment Across Europe

Save time by letting us do the heavy lifting for you

Our fulfilment centres can be adapted to your inventory. We take care of order management, delivery and customer service, so you can focus on your business. In the event of delivery problems, Amazon will cover the additional costs.

Sell easily in Europe

FBA is the ideal solution for expanding your business locally and throughout Europe. We've developed specialised programmes that are tailored to the individual needs of Amazon selling partners, helping them reach millions of potential new customers by connecting them to new stores.
Fulfilment Across Europe

Selling partners share how FBA is boosting their business

Susanne Richter thumbnail
Sanni Shoo
Customs conditions alone do not always make it easy to sell products from Switzerland in Europe. Amazon certainly helps with the FBA option.
Susanne RichterFounder, Sanni Shoo
The exciting thing about the Pan-EU programme is that you can reach many countries and marketplaces with inventory that can be delivered in Germany.
Chris VolkeFounder and managing director of beGREAT GmbH
Chris Volke thumbnail

How Fulfilment by Amazon works — in three simple steps

Thousands of sellers choose FBA because it's simple and efficient.
You send us your goods.

You send us your goods.

We receive the goods at our fulfilment centres. You receive transparent information about storage costs as well as clear visibility and tracking of your products.
You sell it, we ship it

You sell it, we ship it

We store, pack and ship the products to your customers quickly, reliably and with tracked delivery.
Returns, refunds and disposal

We take care of returns, refunds and disposal

Our customer service team handles returns and refunds. Plus we'll take care of any unsold inventory should you choose to dispose of it. The costs are always transparent.

Five simple steps to getting started with FBA

Register for FBA

Create an Amazon seller account, then log in to Seller Central.

Check the status of your FBA registration on the account information page.

Create new product listings or switch them to FBA

Select the products you want to send to Amazon. You can either switch over existing products or create new ones.

The FBA page in Seller Central can help you with recommendations for your existing products.

Prepare your products and send them to our fulfilment centres

Follow the specific preparation guidelines on the "Packing and Prep requirements" help page in Seller Central.

Learn more about the "Send to Amazon" process at Seller University.

We ship what you sell

Your FBA product listings will go live once we've received your products at our fulfilment centres.

When a customer places an order, we take care of packing, shipping and customer service.

Manage and grow your business with FBA

Seller Central provides you with detailed reporting tools and dashboards to help you forecast your FBA inventory.

Get started with FBA.

The perfect incentive for FBA

The FBA New Selection Programme

The FBA New Selection Programme offers free storage, removal and returns processing for eligible new-to-FBA ASINs for a limited time. Once you enrol in the programme, you can enjoy these benefits for an unlimited number of new parent ASINs each year.
Average 10% rebate on sales of branded ASINs. The rebate is available to selling partners who enrol in Brand Registry.
Free monthly storage for 120 days and free removal for 180 days for 100 standard-size units.
Free returns processing for clothing, shoes and bags only.
You will be automatically enrolled in the programme if you create your first shipment within 90 days of listing your first purchasable ASIN.

Expand your business with the Pan-European programme and Remote Fulfilment between Germany and other EU countries.

Reach millions of potential customers across Europe by expanding into more Amazon stores with Amazon's support.
"It's such an easy way to sell products in the EU."
Dhruvin Patel
Optician and Founder, Ocushield
Expand your business with the pan-European program

Expand your business with flexible storage options thanks to Pan-European FBA

Save up to 53%* on shipping costs to countries where your products are stored.
Accelerate your growth with flexible storage. You decide where to store your products.
Sell in Europe with a single VAT number thanks to Call-Off Stock (COS). COS simplifies the process registering for Pan-European FBA or expanding your placement options.
Keep customers satisfied with faster Amazon shipping. We ensure that your products are stored close to yours customers, at no extra cost to you.

*Calculated as the largest possible saving when comparing EFN shipping fees to local shipping fees for each size/weight.
Europe-wide shipping by Amazon
Sell across borders thanks to remote fulfillment

Sell across borders without incurring additional VAT thanks to Remote Fulfilment

Bring your products to one country and deliver to many more. Amazon uses the inventory to ship cross-border orders.
Ship international orders to both the EU and the UK with a single VAT number, as Amazon is responsible for paying the VAT.
Amazon takes care of the duties and customs. You sell it, we ship it.

How the programme works

Pan-European FBA

Remote Fulfilment between the UK and the EU

Inventory management
Flexible storage — you decide where to store your products.
Your products are stored in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and/or Spain
Shipping cost
Local shipping fees in the countries you've selected for storage and cross-border fees for the remaining countries
Fees between the UK and the EU
The importer
The selling partner
The customer
VAT requirements
VAT identification number required at the storage location
No VAT number required at the destination warehouse

Register your product for multiple storage countries free of charge with just two clicks

The European Expansion Accelerator is an automated solution that expands your Amazon business and creates your product listings, pricing, shipping settings and shipping templates. It also registers your products in shipping programmes in the shops that you have selected for storage.
various storage countries

Choose the right for FBA, recommended by our innovative tool that uses machine learning

Use our FBA Product Opportunity Explorer tool, which is available in Seller Central, to see which products from your catalogue could generate more sales through FBA. Boost your business by adding products with high potential to FBA.

The tool uses advanced machine learning to identify the products in your catalogue that can benefit most from FBA. Above all, it helps you make informed decisions to maximise your success.
Fulfilment by Amazon

Take a look at the other programmes and tools that are available to you.

Fulfilment Across Europe
Let Heavy & Bulky lighten your load
Using our shipping solutions reduces much of your workload, helping you minimise delivery errors, improve communication with your customers and increase your delivery accuracy.
Fulfilment Across Europe
Low-price FBA rates | Amazon DE
Enjoy Amazon's faster delivery time, even for your low-priced product selection. Check the eligibility of your products and learn more on this page
Fulfilment Across Europe
Amazon Automotive Part Finder
Offer the best selection of original parts and accessories from original equipment manufacturers and deliver them with faster and more convenient shipping.

How fees are calculated

Our fees vary depending on the type of products and their dimensions, and the programmes you sell them with. Here is a comparison of the FBA fees for two different product types for one month each


Mobile phone

Wooden Cabinet

18 x 10 x 3 cm
74 x 56 x 32 cm
300 g
6.2 kg
Small package =< 400 g
Standard oversize =<9.76 kg
Price of product on Amazon.de
Number of units shipped by FBA
Total revenue
Brokerage fee per unit
Total fees
Storage costs per unit
Processing costs per unit
Commissioning, packing, customer service
Total cost of FBA per unit
Total cost of FBA
Percentage of fee
The above example is for illustrative purposes and fees may vary.
Selling on Amazon incurs a monthly subscription of €25 in addition to the above fees. Learn more here

Downloadable rate cards

You can find more information about Fulfilment by Amazon and a full set of our fees in the following languages

Revenue Calculator

Estimate your Amazon sales

Enter your product details and shipping costs to compare the cost of FBA with other shipping methods.
Revenue Calculator

Comprehensive support ensures your success

As an Amazon selling partner, you have access to extensive support and training materials tailored to your individual needs.
Amazon Marketplace services for corporate customers
Navigate online business with your very own Marketplace Consultant who will always be on hand to help you.
VAT compliance tools
Here you'll find everything you need to know about VAT requirements and compliance.
Seller University
Your ultimate database for free training. Here you can find the knowledge and develop the skills you need to be successful in Amazon stores.
Need more information?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)?
FBA is a service whereby Amazon takes care of storing, packing and shipping your products, as well as customer support and returns.
When you sign up for FBA, the first step is to pack your products and send them in bulk to one of our fulfilment centres.
In order to meet the needs of your business, FBA also offers special programmes for specific product types, such as FBA Small and Light, Pan-European FBA, FBA Subscribe & Save, Multi-Channel Delivery, and FBA Heavy & Bulky.
Is FBA actually profitable?
Selling in Amazon stores with FBA can be very profitable. You can boost your revenue by up to 35%* thanks to free, faster delivery, which is extremely popular with customers.
Is FBA suitable for beginners?
Yes, FBA is a good option for beginners with a small- or medium-sized business.

Over 225,000 small- and medium-sized businesses and brands in Europe sell on Amazon and many of them use FBA to take advantage of Amazon's world-class customer service and returns, as well as other benefits such as automatic Prime eligibility. These benefits can help companies to grow quickly.

For more information, check out our New Seller Guide on Amazon.
What can you sell with FBA?
What you can sell on FBA depends on the brand, product and category. Some products are open to all sellers, while others may require a professional seller account.
Check out the list of products that are subject to restrictions and products that are not eligible for FBA. To sell branded products that are copyrighted, patented or trademarked, you must be either the company owner or an authorised reseller. To sell refurbished or used items, you must qualify to sell on Amazon Renewed.
What is meant by "fulfilment"?
Fulfilment is the entire process of receiving, storing, picking, packing and then shipping orders to customers, including returns or exchanges.
You can choose how you want your orders to be fulfilled: In-house fulfilment, Third-party fulfilment, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Multi-channel fulfilment.
How do I get free storage, removals and returns processing?
FBA makes it easy to launch new FBA products because you get free storage, free removals and free returns processing for your new-to-FBA ASINs. Furthermore, brand owners who enrol in Brand Registry can benefit from an average monthly rebate of 10% on their revenue from branded ASINs. If you are a new seller, you'll be automatically enrolled in the programme when you send your first shipment to our fulfilment centre within 90 days of creating your first listing for an eligible ASIN.
What's the difference between FBA and FBM?
FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon and FBM stands for Fulfilment by Merchant. With FBA, Amazon takes care of the entire fulfilment process for you, while with FBM, the merchant (you) is responsible for storing, packing, shipping and delivering the products to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FBA seller?
An Amazon FBA seller is an e-commerce company that sells products through an Amazon store and participates in the Fulfilment by Amazon programme.
Amazon takes care of logistics and operations for Amazon FBA sellers. FBA sellers are responsible for selecting their products, shipping their inventory to Amazon FBA fulfilment centres and ensuring that their inventory is always up to date.
How do I prepare my products to be shipped to the Fulfilment Centre (FC)?
In this video, you'll learn how to optimally prepare your products and how to label, pack and ship your first FBA shipment
What happens after my FBA shipment arrives at the Amazon fulfilment centre?
Once you've sent your products to a fulfilment centre, you can track their progress via the "Shipments" tab on the Shipping Queue page. There are the following shipment statuses:

Delivered: Your shipment has been delivered to the fulfilment centre but hasn't been checked in yet.
Checked in: Your shipment has been transported from the depot to the dock and is ready to be unloaded.
Received: Your shipment labels and units are being scanned and they will be available for sale as soon as they have been processed.
Closed: All units of your shipment have arrived. If your products were on the way to a fulfilment centre before the shipment was closed, your shipment will still be received. However, please do not send inventory when a shipment has already been closed, as this may result in excess charges and your inventory may not be received properly at the fulfilment centre.
How much does FBA cost per item?
There are different fees depending on which FBA service you choose:
1. Shipping fees are charged per unit sold, including packing, shipping, handling, customer service and returns.
2. Monthly inventory fees are calculated based on your inventory in Amazon FBA fulfilment centres.

Amazon's estimation tools such as the Revenue Calculator, Fee Summary Report and Manage Inventory can help you estimate your FBA fees.
Are all Prime orders fulfilled by Amazon?
No, not all Prime orders can be fulfilled by Amazon.
For items that aren't suitable for FBA, such as items that don't move quickly or for which demand is difficult to predict, there's Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). This programme is available to Amazon Prime members who can ship orders directly from their warehouse or storage location.
How does Amazon handle returns/refunds and customer service for my FBA orders?
Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) also includes customer service and processing returns by Amazon on your behalf for all of your FBA orders.

Returns: When a customer returns a product and it arrives at the fulfilment centre, the condition of each item is checked to determine whether the item is sellable or unsellable. If it's sellable, it is added back to your inventory and made available for purchase again. If it's unsellable, we will check who caused the damage and determine whether the customer is eligible for a refund.

Refunds: A refund is credit given to the customer for all or part of the cost of an item purchased. In some cases, customers are offered a "refund without return", meaning that the customer will receive a credit note without having to return the item to the fulfilment centre. Some items that are not able to be returned may still be eligible for a refund

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pan-European FBA work?
Once you've sent your products to a fulfilment centre in the EU, we'll store your inventory in our fulfilment centres in the EU countries where you've activated inventory placement in order to meet expected customer demand. We'll distribute your inventory to these countries at no extra cost. You can track your listings with Pan-European FBA using all our standard reports and tools.

A product is only eligible for Pan-European FBA if the following two conditions are met:
1) You have created an active FBA listing in all the European Amazon stores that are specified in the Pan-European FBA inventory requirements.
2) You have sent your products to a fulfilment centre in the EU and activated inventory placement in at least two countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Poland. Belgium and the Netherlands are currently excluded from Pan-European FBA inventory placement.
How does Remote Fulfilment between the UK and the EU work?
This programme allows sellers with FBA and an EU account to store their inventory in local fulfilment centres and ship orders from other EU stores, giving them greater flexibility and control over their inventory. To sell products using Remote Fulfilment between the UK and the EU, you must meet the following requirements:
• You need access to UK and EU stores in your Seller Central account
• Shipping programmes and export settings must be activated. To ship from the EU to the UK, all EU shops must be enabled for export (Germany, Italy, France, Spain). If you have more than one EU account, each account must be managed separately.
What is the FBA Manage Excess Inventory tool?
The Amazon FBA Manage Excess Inventory tool helps you track listings with excess inventory, provides you with information so that you can take appropriate action and gives you suggestions for improving inventory performance. This puts you in a better position to assess product demand, product costs, seller input and price elasticity. You can also identify issues that might be affecting your product sales and will receive options for selling your inventory.
What is the FBA sell-through rate?
The FBA sell-through rate is the number of units sold and shipped in the past 90 days divided by the average number of units in stock. The average number of units in stock is determined by calculating the current inventory on the day in question and the inventory 30, 60 and 90 days before.
Your inventory management report in Seller Central offers recommendations for improving your sell-through rate.
What is the Stranded Inventory Percentage in FBA?
A listing can become inactive if it isn't created correctly to begin with or it gets hidden. When this happens, it will incur storage fees but cannot be sold because the listing is not active.

Your performance is measured by the percentage of your FBA inventory that is currently not available for purchase on Amazon. This is called the Stranded Inventory Percentage.
What is the FBA Restock tool?
The FBA Restock tool lets you keep track of how many items you have in stock so that you can meet customer demand. This tool suggests which products to restock, how many to order and when to ship them.
With this smart optimisation tool, you can predict when you will need to restock your items while taking into account your variable costs, expected revenue and future demand. The recommendations will help you get the best return on your inventory investments by maintaining just the right amount of inventory.
What is the FBA Excess Inventory Percentage?
The Excess Inventory Percentage is the percentage of your FBA inventory units that are in excess or that have been held in stock for more than 90 days.
Excess or outdated inventory has a negative impact on your Inventory Performance Index (IPI), which enables you to measure your inventory's performance over time.
Your IPI evaluates how you manage your FBA inventory. Your Inventory Performance Dashboard helps you find ways to increase sales, reduce costs and keep track of key performance indicators.
What is the FBA in-stock rate?
The in-stock rate tracks how well you keep popular goods in stock.
This only applies to FBA goods sold in the last 60 days. Unsold items or seller-fulfilled products (i.e. products for which you are responsible for storage, packaging and shipping) are not taken into account.
In Seller Central, this key figure is displayed in the Inventory Performance Dashboard and is updated daily. An in-stock rate of 90–100 percent is considered good.
What are FBA Recovery Services?
Amazon offers programmes to help FBA sellers recover the value of customer returns and excess inventory. With the FBA Grade and Resell service, sellers can recoup value from unfulfillable customer returns by having them professionally graded and relisted as used items. With the FBA Liquidations programme, sellers can sell off excess or unsold inventory through Amazon's liquidation channels to recover some of the original cost. Enable FBA Recovery Services in Seller Central
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