Product compliance and using the Service Provider Network

Understand the importance of product compliance and learn how to work with Amazon-approved third parties to automate, manage, and grow your business.
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What does product compliance mean?

Customer safety is of paramount importance to Amazon. Our customers need to be confident that they will find a full range of safe, reliable, and compliant products on Amazon, regardless of who the seller is.

This means that, as a seller, you must be aware of and comply with Amazon’s product safety and compliance policies. This increases your chances of success on Amazon and helps you avoid practices that could result in penalties and blocked listings or even exclude you from selling on Amazon.

A product is compliant if it meets all the legal requirements and Amazon guidelines that apply to it. The regulations and safety standards are very extensive and in some cases vary greatly between different product categories and regions (and even sub-regions). They evolve and change, often due to new products coming onto the market. Service providers from our Service Provider Network can help you comply with regulations by offering testing, inspection, audit, and certification services for your products.

Understand Amazon’s compliance requirements

In this section, you’ll find all of the relevant help pages and videos to learn about Amazon’s product compliance policies and regulations for the marketplace you want to sell in.

Product compliance services available

If you need help with compliance, Amazon-approved third parties can help you comply with regulations by providing audit, certification, inspection, and testing services for your products.
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An audit verifies that all compliance obligations are met, including the performance of required product controls.
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Ensure that your products, processes, systems, or services comply with national and international industry standards and regulations with comprehensive certifications.
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Product inspections involve checking the quality of your product at various stages of the manufacturing process. It can help identify any defects or quality issues before your product reaches the consumer. It also ensures that there are no major discrepancies between the buyer’s order and the actual product delivered.
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This involves checking whether your product complies with the relevant safety standards and regulations. Tests can be used to confirm which raw materials have gone into your product and whether it contains hazardous chemicals. Tests can also alert you to potential safety risks associated with your product. The tests can be carried out according to legal, safety-relevant, and performance-related criteria.

Recommended third party providers in the area of product compliance

The Amazon Global Selling service provider network team works with third-party compliance providers to ensure the highest standard of service quality for our sales partners. The following three providers are recommended:
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You can access the SPN landing pages directly by clicking on one of the above links. Other third-party providers can be found in the Service Provider Network.
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Tips for working with service providers

Step 1

Be clear about which marketplace you want to sell your product in and how long it will take to launch.

Step 2

Identify your scope and set priorities: We recommend that you start with just a few products or product families. This helps you become familiar with the compliance process and can result in faster turnaround time and cost savings.

Step 3

Estimate your budget correctly, as this will help you define the pace of expansion.

Step 4

Know exactly where your products are made.

Step 5

Disclosure is good! If you have performed due diligence or have relevant product compliance documentation, please have it ready.

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