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Achieve your goals with our Strategic Account Services

Already selling on Amazon? Our Strategic Account Services allow you to work with one of our Amazon Marketplace Consultants to move your Amazon business forwards together.
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How your Marketplace Consultant can help you

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Strategic advice provided by experts

Shape your success story on Amazon with the help of experts who will help you with the specific requirements for selling on Amazon.
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Personalised recommendations

Understand your shipping, conversion, marketing and product range development potential in order to develop tailor-made strategies for your business.

Set yourself up for success with our various growth plans

Whether you want to learn the basics of selling on Amazon or require comprehensive support for your business, we offer two growth plans tailored to your unique needs.



Basic consulting service that focuses on one or two topics of your choice.
Responsive support for small and medium-sized companies focused on rapid growth.
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Your own Marketplace Consultant who offers you a basicconsulting service.
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Consultant response time: < 48 hours
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Business review meetings every two months
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Short/medium-term objectives
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Selected access to analyses and reports

€700 per month
+0.7% of monthly turnover

Fees are capped at €2500.
Minimum contract period of six months.



Comprehensive consulting service that focuses on two or three topics of your choice.
Proactive support for large and established businesses seeking long-term growth.
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Your own Marketplace Consultant who offers you a comprehensive consulting service.
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Consultant response time: < 24 hours
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Business review meetings every month
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Long-term objectives
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Full access to analyses and reports
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Support for expanding globally
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Access to pilot projects and betas
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An extra contact person to assist with operational problems

€1600 per month
+0.3% of monthly turnover

Fees are capped at €5500.
Minimum contract period of six months.
* Previously known as Amazon Selling Partner 360

Alpi Nature

Amazon Strategic Account Services are valuable for both relatively new and experienced selling partners. It must be said very clearly that without the Pro Plan support, Alpi Nature would not be where we are today.
Alexander DreischuhFounder and CEO of Alpi Nature
business customers

The benefits of our Strategic Account Services

Learn more about how the Essentials or Pro Plan can help you accelerate growth, reach more customers and scale your business.
Product catalogue optimisation
Get the right tools to understand the potential of your product portfolio and get advice on how you can improve the quality of your offering in order to boost your sales figures and attract new customers. Product performance review.
Customer review management
Basic support
Product performance review
Offer and search optimisation
Pricing tools and analyses
Basic support
Brand benchmarking
Upload images with a 360° view
Detailed Voice of the Customer
Automated pricing tools
Shipping and logistics
Get expert advice about your logistics and harness insights and tools to cut costs, boost efficiency, and improve order processing and delivery.
Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
Pan-European shipping programme (PanEU)
Heavy and Bulky (FBA)
Inventory management
Multi-channel fulfilment
Scale your business to reach new international customers. With our insights, we can speed up this process and help you overcome the challenges encountered along the way.
Global expansion and launch of new marketplaces
Restricted to EU5*
Amazon global shipping programme
Amazon Business
* The five European countries: UK, DE, FR, IT and ES
Benefit from personalised insights and support for deals and marketing to make your products more visible, drive traffic to your offers and boost sales.
Sponsored Products
Sponsored Brands
Display advertising
Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP)
Deal and coupon planning
Deal performance analysis
Top Deals
Restricted to EU5*
Deal-related issue support
* The five European countries: UK, DE, FR, IT and ES
Eligibility criteria will determine if advertising specialists are referred to for specific (ad) insights and recommendations
Protect your brand on Amazon, gain insights into your customers' habits and work with us to enhance the level of exposure of your brand on Amazon.
Brand Registry
Brand Store
Enhanced branded content (A+ content)
Customer reviews programme (Vine)
Brand data and insights
Basic support
Amazon Transparency programme
Amazon Project Zero programme
Listing Execution Services
Sie erhalten direkte Unterstützung von unserem Listing Execution Team, das die Erstellung und Optimierung Ihrer Angebote in Ihrem Namen durchführt und sicherstellt, dass Ihre Katalogaktualisierungen korrekt und gemäß den Listing-Richtlinien von Amazon vorgenommen werden.
Erstellung von Listings und Varianten
PDP Optimierung (A+-Content, Video Upload, 3D Assets)
Optimierung der Auffindbarkeit
Erstellung von Widgets
Hinweis: Die oben genannten Listing Execution Services sind für alle SAS Pro-Verkäufer und für SAS Essentials-Verkäufer, die sich am oder nach dem 20. April 2024 anmelden, enthalten. PDP-Optimierung und Widgets sind nur für Markeninhaber verfügbar.

We've achieved a lot since we started


Selling partners receive support throughout Europe with Strategic Account Services plans


More than 950 new brands were registered in the Brand Registry


More than 750 selling partners have received the "Climate Pledge Friendly" badge for their products


In 2022, the turnover of pan-European selling partners who joined Strategic Account Services grew 20%* faster than the turnover of selling partners who did not receive this support.

The fee table shows a breakdown of costs per growth plan. The fees for both plans are capped. The Essentials Plan is limited to EUR 2500 per month and the Pro Plan is limited to EUR 5500 per month.
* Please note that this figure is an average and should not be considered an exact forecast of your business growth. Your individual growth depends on your input and various other external factors.

** The total monthly value of your products sold on Amazon marketplaces in the EU and the UK, including the item price and any shipping, gift wrapping or other charges, is calculated for the previous month before the invoice is issued.
Monthly turnover**



Monthly Essentials Plan fee


0.7 %

Your monthly turnover
Total monthly fee


Monthly turnover**



Monthly fee for the
Pro Plan



Your monthly turnover
Total monthly fee



1. Strategic Account Services — what is it?
Strategic Account Services is a range of account management plans through which selling partners receive guidance and advice from a Marketplace Consultant to help them grow their business on Amazon. We recently renamed our Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme to Strategic Account Services Pro Plan.
2. What is the difference between the Essentials Plan and the Pro Plan?
Our plans are tailored to meet your specific needs. The Essentials Plan is for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a low-commitment service in which a Marketplace Consultant can help you with every aspect of your Amazon business. In the business reviews performed every two months, your Marketplace Consultant will review your business performance and progress against set points of action and will inform you about the current topics for the month. Between reviews, your Marketplace Consultant can be contacted via email.

The Pro Plan is our comprehensive end-to-end service that provides a more in-depth service via a dedicated Marketplace Consultant. This includes holistic advice, access to analyses and reports, monthly business reviews and global expansion support. An expert will also help you troubleshoot operational issues. Your Marketplace Consultant can meanwhile be contacted by phone or email.
3. What are the participation requirements for the plans?
We review each application before we include it in the Strategic Account Services plan. How established the business is and the level of turnover on Amazon are some of the things we consider during this review. If your initial application isn't approved, you may be eligible in the future as you continue on your Amazon journey.
4. Can Strategic Account Services still help me if I am not a brand owner?
Yes, the plans are designed to help both brand owners and resellers. Your Marketplace Consultant will help you identify and prioritise strategic initiatives to address your business requirements.
5. Does Strategic Account Services cover my seller account in the UK and the EU?
Yes, our plans provide support for expansion and growth within UK and EU businesses.
6. How is the fee calculated if I sell products on more than one marketplace in the UK or the EU?
Your flat fee will only be charged once if you have a single seller account, regardless of the number of EU/UK marketplaces on which you sell products. If you have separate accounts for each marketplace, you can select which account we support and you will be invoiced separately for that account.
7. Will Strategic Account Services support my growth outside the UK and the EU?
Amazon's operations span multiple regions with distributed account management structures to support sales in those countries. If you have the Pro Plan and meet the requirements, your Marketplace Consultant can introduce you to new market opportunities and put you in touch with teams that can help you expand outside the UK and the EU by working closely with the Global Selling Team. Once the expansion is complete, you will need to work with account managers and enrol in local selling partner programs (where available) in the relevant region to expand the business. Separate fees may apply for participating in other selling partner programmes in other regions. This is not the case for the Essentials Plan.
8. I have more than one seller account. Can I work with a single Marketplace Consultant who helps me with all my accounts?
Selling partners must register each account separately for Strategic Account Services plans. Whether you work with a single Marketplace Consultant for your accounts will depend on their availability. We will work closely with you to find the most effective way to manage your multiple accounts.
9. I'm already working with several account managers at Amazon. Why should I pay for this service?
When you join our Strategic Account Services, your Marketplace Consultant will advise you on key issues based on your requirements: You will 1) work on your strategy together throughout the term of the plan (no time constraints), 2) receive support for more than one specific programme or feature, 3) receive proactive input whenever there are opportunities to grow your sales account (e.g., marketing, catalogue optimisation, pricing, brand tools), 4) have access to comprehensive analyses and reports (unlimited access only in Pro Plan) and 5) receive updates about the latest betas and pilots (Pro Plan only). In the Pro Plan, you also work with a dedicated troubleshooting expert who will assist you with operational issues, and with a dedicated Marketplace Consultant who will assist you with strategic issues.
10. Have Strategic Account Services helped to grow Amazon seller businesses?
We continuously monitor our selling partners' growth and satisfaction levels and use these insights to develop our growth plans. We recommend that you read the case studies on the positive experiences of other selling partners. To read these case studies, click here.
11. I'm having trouble with my Amazon account. Can I get support before I sign up?
You can access Technical Account Management regardless of your registration status. So, use this service whenever you need to. Once you have registered for one of the plans, you will be assigned a Marketplace Consultant who will help you set your business up to succeed. The Pro Plan also includes a premium service with a dedicated troubleshooting expert who is on hand to help you resolve certain operational issues (learn more in FAQ 12).
12. Will I receive different or preferential treatment with respect to Amazon's policies if I register for one of the Strategic Account Services?
No. Amazon's policies are the same for all selling partners and apply equally, regardless of whether you have signed up for one of our plans. All selling partners have access to Technical Account Management and receive the same support, regardless of whether they are registered for Strategic Account Services.
13. Can I switch plans to receive different levels of support?
We will recommend the right plan that best matches your needs. If you need further assistance or would like to work on more priorities than those offered through your current plan after signing up, we may be able to help you switch plan. Please contact your Marketplace Consultant if you have any questions.
14. What does my first month with the Essentials Plan look like?
Under the Essentials Plan, your Marketplace Consultant will contact you to arrange an introductory discussion and a kick-off meeting in which you will define your key growth area. We then provide coaching that focuses on your priorities by giving you training and sharing analytical reports. This enables us to derive strategic recommendations, including specific recommended actions to take for your account. We are constantly working to improve your seller performance on Amazon and review your progress every two months in our business reports. Between reviews, you can contact your Marketplace Consultant via email.
15. What does my first month with the Pro Plan look like?
Under the Pro Plan, your Marketplace Consultant will call you to arrange a welcome meeting. You will get to know your consultant and our dedicated troubleshooting experts during this meeting. You will receive a welcome pack with key information, webinars and programme guides. In your second week, we'll assess your Amazon account's current performance and identify where priorities over the next few months lie. We then delve into those focus areas together by providing you with analytical reports and by deriving strategic recommendations for your account with specific points of action. We're constantly working to improve your seller performance on Amazon and review your progress each month in our business reports. Between reviews, your Marketplace Consultant can be contacted by either phone or email.
Your Marketplace Consultant
16. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me resolve existing operational issues in both plans?
The purpose of your Marketplace Consultant is to provide you with strategic advice. Their work does not focus on operational issues. With the Pro Plan, you not only have your Marketplace Consultant. A dedicated troubleshooting expert will be on hand to help you resolve operational issues.
17. Does my Marketplace Consultant provide Vendor Central account support?
No, the plans only cover your seller account.
18. Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees.
19. What sort of training do Marketplace Consultants undergo in order to support sellers through Strategic Account Services?
All of our Marketplace Consultants receive comprehensive training and internal expert teams offer them assistance. This enables them to provide selling partners registered for Strategic Account Services with the best possible advice — on aspects such as shipping and inventory, product selection and increasing conversion, merchandising and advertising etc. Our Marketplace Consultants will also scrutinise your account to find the strategy that best suits your specific business requirements.
20. How do you decide which Marketplace Consultant will be assigned to me?
As a selling partner, you cannot choose your Marketplace Consultant. Our Marketplace Consultants are assigned to selling partners once their portfolios have been reviewed. We ensure that all Marketplace Consultants are trained to the same high standards and that they are assigned a limited number of selling partners in order to provide a consistently excellent level of service.
21. Will I always have the same Marketplace Consultant throughout the term of the plan?
We cannot guarantee that your Marketplace Consultant won't change, but we always try to ensure that selling partners continue to have the same Marketplace Consultant, wherever possible.
22. What if I am unsatisfied with the service provided?
Our top priority is that our selling partners are satisfied. We run a quarterly satisfaction survey that you can complete and in which you can tell us your concerns. The results are reviewed meticulously to ensure that the service we provide is first rate. You can also request a meeting with a manager at any time in order to discuss problems and possible solutions in greater detail.
23. Can I meet my Marketplace Consultant in person?
You and your Marketplace Consultant are welcome to meet in person at one of our offices to review your business plans and agree upon what action is required over the coming months.
Promotions, merchandising and programme opportunities
24. What kind of marketing support (promotions) will I receive?
Your Marketplace Consultant can give you advice about Amazon's current deal types, such as coupons, Flash Deals, Top Deals and Deals of the Day. The fact that you have registered for Strategic Account Services does not serve as a guarantee that you will be able to secure deals because fees may still apply for certain types of deals. Joining Strategic Account Services does not entitle you to free or discounted promotions.
25. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me create deals?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can help you create deals. They can also tell you about the various types of deals. Your Marketplace Consultant can also create a Deal of the Day for you in some cases (depending on eligibility). They can also help you develop a deals strategy based on the goals of your business and can provide you with strategic guidance so that your deal is more likely to be approved.
26. What insights do the reports provided deliver?
Based on your requirements, we offer a range of customised analyses and reports for both the Essentials and Pro Plans. These reports cover catalogue optimisation, product selection and expansion, advertising and promotions, shipping, brand management and sustainability.
Plan fees and obligations
27. When will I receive the invoices?
You will receive invoices during the first five calendar days of the month. Your monthly fees are calculated using the previous month's turnover (based on your gross sales in the previous calendar month) for your Amazon shops in the UK and the EU. The monthly fees are net amounts (excluding applicable taxes) and are non-refundable.
28. How are my fees paid?
Fees are paid via your account balance. If the balance of the account is not enough to cover the monthly bill, the remaining amount will be debited from the registered credit card.
29. Will I have to pay less if I use fewer services?
Both Strategic Account Services are bundled packages and services that are currently inseparable.
30. How long do the plans last?
The minimum term for Strategic Account Services is six months. You can unsubscribe after six months by cancelling your subscription at least 30 days in advance. Amazon reserves the right to terminate your service at any time. There is no maximum term for the service.

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