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Boost your sales with Click & Collect in store

Bring Amazon customers to your brick-and-mortar store. Our customers find Amazon Click & Collect in store quick, convenient, and flexible to use. We are now accepting new applications from selling partners with at least one physical storefront.
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What is Click & Collect in store?

Amazon Click & Collect in store is an additional, free delivery option that allows customers to collect their Amazon orders from your brick-and-mortar store the same day.

In addition to the foot traffic your store will receive from Amazon, Click & Collect in store offers the following benefits: Winning new customers, interaction between store staff and customers, and the sale of additional products and after-sales services. In addition, you will improve your store's visibility and give customers the opportunity to discover your entire range.

Combine Amazon with your unique in-store experience and attract new customers. You will retain all rights over product listings, images, and content for products enabled for Click & Collect in store. There are no additional fees for selling partners or customers.
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Reach customers who live close to your stores
Offer your products to Amazon customers who live within 48 km of your brick-and-mortar stores.
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New delivery option
The Click & Collect in store collection option is visible to your customers at the checkout during the ordering process on Customers can choose between home delivery and in-store collection.
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In-store collection notifications
Your customers will receive notifications about the collection location, time, and procedure to enable in-store collection.

How do I get started with Click & Collect in store?

Step 1


Apply today and our team will get back to you.

Step 2

List products

List your products and inventory for your locations.

Step 3

Prepare orders

Process your orders and prepare items for in-store collection.

Step 4


Prepare the pre-ordered items for collection.


What is Click & Collect in store?
Click & Collect in store is a way to reach new customers and increase interaction with your local community and in-store foot traffic... Customers order their items online via and pick them up from your retail store. As soon as an Amazon customer purchases a Click & Collect in store item, you will be notified via an API integration. Your employees are advised to pick the product and set it aside for collection.
What happens after customers have placed a Click & Collect in store order and how do customers find out when it is ready for collection?
After ordering items for Click & Collect in store, your customers will receive an email confirmation with order information, including location and opening hours, as well as when the order is expected to be ready for collection. As soon as the store confirms that the order is ready for collection, the customers will be informed by email or SMS. After the customers have arrived at the collection location, they go to the collection counter to receive the order.

Customers can check order progress at any time, find business information and delivery instructions, and view the collection code for their orders on While we aim to deliver orders as quickly as possible, we know that customers may not be ready to pick them up right away. For this reason, we guarantee customers have at least five days to collect the product from your store.
Which selling partners are eligible to participate in Click & Collect in store?
Click & Collect in store is a delivery option that is available to selected selling partners with at least one physical storefront. If you're interested, please click the “Apply” button below. We are open to retailers and product types in all categories.
Are there any costs associated with Click & Collect in store?
In-store collection is available at no extra charge. There is no additional charge on top of the standard Amazon referral fees for this programme.
I use an integrator to manage my e-commerce business. Can I participate in Amazon's Click & Collect in store programme?
Yes. Selling partners can activate Amazon's Click & Collect in store feature if they use an integrator. The APIs created for Amazon Click & Collect in store are an extension of the APIs and are easily accessible for selling partners and integrators to automate data exchange with Amazon. However, integrators must commit to and comply with performance policies (such as collection rates, cancellation rates initiated by third-party provider, and in-store fulfilment cancellation rates) to participate in and remain eligible for the programme. API documentation is made available to our selling partners after they have submitted an application using the “Apply” button below.
Do I need complex new technology to participate in Click & Collect in store?
No. There are two ways to participate in Click & Collect in store, either through direct API integration or via integrators. For example, you can use these Click & Collect in store APIs to manage store-level inventory and order status updates (e.g. ready for collection). If direct API integration doesn't meet your needs and you don't want to wait for Click & Collect in store to be activated in Seller Central, you can choose the web-based version to manage your Click & Collect in store business. Apply to find out more
I am a third-party e-commerce integrator. Can I participate in Amazon's Click & Collect in store programme?
Yes. Please apply here and indicate that you are an integrator.
What will change on with the introduction of Click & Collect in store?
With Click & Collect in store, customers can now order products from their favourite retail stores and collect their purchases the same day. Click & Collect in store is expanding to include physical storefronts for the first time.

Reach more local customers

New applications are now being accepted from selling partners who have at least one retail store available for Click & Collect in store.
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