Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme

A credit brokerage programme
for Amazon sellers

Designed to help you grow your business
The Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme¹ supports small and medium-sized businesses and provides eligible Amazon sellers with access to financing.
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Your goals financed with Amazon credit brokerage program

The Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme can help your business succeed by freeing up cash flow or investing in growing areas of your company. Join thousands of Amazon sellers who have already taken advantage of Amazon financing solutions to grow their business and start financing your goals today.
"Applying for a loan from ING via Amazon is super easy and doesn’t involve a lot of red tape. Thanks to the loan, we've been able to expand our online furniture shop and add to our Amazon listing."
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Eligible small businesses can borrow up to €2,000,000 in business financing.

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Choose your preferred financing method
Decide between a corporate loan, flexible loan, or merchant cash advance. With flexible payment and repayment options based on your business's needs.
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Focus your resources where you need them
Whether this is increasing your inventory, investing in product development, extending the reach of your advertising or expanding into other markets.
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Apply and get your application approved quickly
Apply in less than 10 minutes and receive a credit decision within 48 hour2. This gives you more time to focus on how you’ll use your funding.

Available products

Eligible sellers can apply for a small business loan or business line of credit from ING or a merchant cash advance provided by YouLend.

Product description

Product Interest rate

Payment Term

Product Provider

Corporate loan
Credit you can plan with.

Receive a one-off payment of your specific amount and pay back with fixed monthly installments over a 12-month term, with the option to pay back earlier free of charge.

Best for Larger projects where you're planning long-term and are growing continuously.
Fixed interest rate
12 months, with the option to extend as needed
ING: ING Germany works with Amazon to support small and medium-sized businesses and provides eligible Amazon sellers with access to credit.
Flexible Loan
Credit where you choose when and how you use it.

Receive a line of credit that can be used at any time, where you only pay interest on the amount used, and with a monthly minimum repayment of 8%.

Best for ad hoc use during peak seasons and sales events.
Interest accrues at a fixed rate on the drawn balance, so sellers only pay interest on the funds it is using.
Unlimited, based on your Amazon sales.
ING: ING Germany works with Amazon to support small and medium-sized businesses and provides eligible Amazon sellers with access to credit.
Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)
Flexible financing that you repay when you make sales

A sum of funding with flexible repayment and no late fees, providing you with a sustainable way to grow your business. It ties repayment to a portion of your future sales for a single-fixed fee. You will repay as you earn with no additional fees or interest charged.

Best for small and medium businesses that require flexible terms.
There is no interest on a merchant cash advance, you simply pay a one-time fixed fee.
There is no fixed term, repayments are tied to sales revenue so the time to repay will vary depending on the amount of business sales you generate.
YouLend: YouLend works with Amazon to unlock the growth potential of sellers. YouLend has provided over 100,000 fast, flexible financing solutions to small and medium businesses.

Getting started with the Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme

A straightforward approach to business lending ⁠— we make the process easy so you can focus on more important things, like growing your business.

Step 2

Check in seconds whether your business is eligible to apply. If your business is eligible, you'll see the Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme card on your Seller Central home page, or navigate to Growth Tab, then click on “Lending”.

Step 3

Choose the financing option that works best for your business, up to the full amount your business is eligible to apply for.

Step 4

Follow the steps to complete your business’s online application for the selected financing option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme.
How do I find out if I'm eligible to apply for financing?
After logging in to Seller Central, click on Lending under the Growth tab under the Growth tab to view offers available to you.
What are the different business financing products available through Amazon Lending?
Amazon Lending and third-party partners provide a range of financial solutions to give sellers maximum flexibility. A corporate loan, flexible loan, and a merchant cash advance are available to eligible businesses.
Can I apply for multiple products?
At any given time, your business may be eligible to apply for one or more financing options from Amazon Lending and/or from Amazon’s select financial partners. If approved, you can only proceed with accepting one financing option.
What are some typical uses for the financing?
Common uses of working capital include buying inventory, gaining cost or production efficiency, bulk buying, investing in product development, advertising costs, or building business infrastructure.
How can I improve my chances of being approved?
Amazon LS Germany GmbH is not a lender and is not involved in making credit decisions. However apart from your sales performance on, ING or YouLend may also be evaluating the credibility of your company based on your Crefo-score. Make sure your business data registered with Crefo is up-to-date.

Finance your business growth with the Amazon Credit Brokerage Programme

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1 This programme is offered by Amazon LS Germany GmbH. Amazon LS Germany GmbH provides information about the loan offers available to you from selected third-party lenders and acts exclusively as a credit intermediary in accordance with Section 34c of the German Trade Regulations Act. Further information on Amazon LS Germany GmbH can be found in the imprint. ING's terms and conditions apply. YouLend’s Terms and Conditions apply.
2 As part of the application process, ING or YouLend may require additional documents or information to approve the finanancing for your business.
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