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Amazon Launchpad

What is Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad is a programme that helps entrepreneurs launch and boost the sales of innovative and sustainable products on Amazon by giving you access to exclusive benefits. Amazon Launchpad suits startups and small/medium brands with a unique selling point. Thousands of cutting-edge brands worldwide have taken advantage of Amazon Launchpad’s customer engagement tools, merchandising and strategic support to improve discoverability and help grow online sales.

What are the benefits of Amazon Launchpad?

Strategic support

Strategic support

An experienced onboarding manager can help you sustainably accelerate your business growth

Identify gaps and areas of opportunity to grow your business. We'll help you set specific goals, create product listings, improve your detail pages and optimise your account. You are in control: Most of our training and resources are online and can be accessed independently around the clock. We accompany you on your path to independence and success by following your development and offering personalised advice and technical support!
Customer engagement tools

Customer engagement tools

Unlock premium tools to connect your brand with your customers

Use our services and tools such as A+ Premium and quality reports on product detail pages to win over customers with improved visuals and provide them with more information. These tools can help you increase your traffic and conversion rates. We help you develop an advertising strategy using free limited offers and discounts on coupon fees and by optimising your campaign for sponsored products (depending on eligibility). Our free translation services help you sell across Europe and the UK, and you're also eligible for AWS credits to scale your business in the cloud.
Amazon merchandising

Amazon merchandising

Make your unique product offering more discoverable to customers and promote your products across Amazon stores

Showcase your unique brand across Europe and in the UK in dedicated storefronts. Get access to Amazon's top promotional events, free limited offers and placements on the Amazon homepage. Get access to Amazon's invite-only PR and marketing initiatives designed to help turn startups into bestsellers.
Global expansion

Global expansion

Expanding internationally with Amazon Launchpad is possible in nine countries

Amazon Launchpad makes it easy to launch with launch support and benefits available in every region.
Would you like to sell an innovative, original product on Amazon?

Get inspired by entrepreneurs on Amazon Launchpad

From unique cosmetic products to innovative electronics, from gourmet foods to shoes: We have helped thousands of companies around the world grow their brands by enabling their original product ideas to reach millions of Amazon customers.

Discover what's new

Grow your brand even further with our latest initiatives that are tailored to sustainable and innovative brands.

Innovation awards

Are you developing ground-breaking products that bring innovation to everyday life and create a better future for everyone?

Apply for a chance to win the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards and boost your startup with €100,000 and more.

Sustainability accelerator

The Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is
a three-month, equity-free programme that supports early-stage startups
that develop products with environmental friendliness in mind.

How can you join Amazon Launchpad?

You are eligible for the programme whether you already sell on Amazon or are new to Amazon. Simply complete our programme application form and we will get back to you within ten working days.

What does Amazon Launchpad cost?

Selling Partners on Amazon Launchpad pay an incremental 5% referral fee, in addition to the standard category referral fee on each item sold. The additional fee applies to all sales on the account and is charged based on the total sum paid for the item by the customer, including all applicable taxes and customs fees.


Who is Amazon Launchpad for?
We review applicants case-by-case against our criteria before accepting applicants into the Amazon Launchpad programme. We are looking for innovative brands from any product category, with a unique selling point and brand story, looking to maximise their potential globally.
I already sell on Amazon, can I join?
Yes, if you are already selling on Amazon, you can participate in the Amazon Launchpad programme. Complete our programme application form and we will get back to you within ten days.
Do I have to reapply if I already sell with Amazon Launchpad in another country?
If you are part of our three North American stores (,,, Australian store ( or Indian store ( you will need to reapply to join Amazon Launchpad Europe. If you join Amazon Launchpad on, the programme will automatically enrol you in all six European stores (,,,,, without reapplying. Learn more about global selling here.
How will Amazon Customers discover my products on Amazon Launchpad?
Amazon Launchpad has dedicated storefronts on Amazon's stores (,,,,, featuring Amazon Launchpad products. Our account management and marketing teams will also work with you to help improve exposure of your products. Additionally, your products are treated like any other listings at Amazon, so discovery through search is no different.
How long does the programme last?
The programme requires a one year commitment. After that period, you can decide to stay on the programme for longer—in which case you do not need to do anything—or leave the programme. If you wish to leave the programme, you must send us an email and give at least 30 days’ notice.
Where can I go to learn more about joining Amazon Launchpad?
Apply to the Amazon Launchpad programme and someone from our team will be in touch. You can also get started with our Amazon Launchpad Help page in Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Seller University.
Wie kann ich bei Amazon verkaufen?
Wenn Sie ein innovatives und originelles Produkt verkaufen möchten, sollten Sie auf jeden Fall unser Antragsformular ausfüllen. Sollten Sie für Amazon Launchpad nicht infrage kommen, können Sie trotzdem bei Amazon verkaufen. Dazu können Sie sich als Verkäufer registrieren und auf Amazon verkaufen.
Warum bei Amazon verkaufen?
Mit Amazon können Sie Millionen von Nutzern weltweit erreichen. Wir fungieren als riesiger Marktplatz, der Ihre Sichtbarkeit bei Ihrer Zielgruppe steigert. Amazon ist die ideale Verkaufsplattform für verschiedenste Produkte sowohl für Start-ups als auch für kleine, mittlere und große Unternehmen.

Do you have an innovative, original product that you want to sell on Amazon? Send us your application now!

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