Selling Partner 360

Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or have previous selling experience, every selling partner must face the challenge of making the correct decisions to grow their business.

The Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme offers you a personalised consulting solution to help you with this difficult task. Armed with extensive expert knowledge, we create personalised strategies to help you focus on the important tasks —
increasing revenue, growing your business and delighting customers.
Selling Partner 360

What is included?

Your Marketplace Consultant will support you with analytical insights about your Amazon business. Based on your goals, we use our expert knowledge to identify untapped development potential and show you promising opportunities. By recommending actions based on viable measures and the answers to your questions, the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme increases your chances of launching successful initiatives, optimising resources and making improvements for lasting success.
Marketplace Consultant & Business Advice

Marketplace Consultant

  • With your Marketplace Consultant, you focus on strategy and growth
  • You get access to continuous support, comprehensive coaching and best-practice examples
  • Check your progress with a monthly, data-based report
Merchandising, beta & pilot opportunities

Sales promotion, beta & pilot programmes

  • Get insights into new beta and pilot programmes
  • Benefit from sales promotion measures and events to make it easier to find your products
  • Get relevant Amazon news and updates

How do we help you potentially generate more revenue?

Our range of consulting services comprises seven modules in which we use our expert knowledge to identify the most important factors for additional growth. This includes, among other things Cost savings for doing business, optimising the visibility of your offers and increasing your brand awareness.

Focus on 2–3 modules at the same time to make targeted progress.


  • Detailed conversion rate analysis
  • Identification of measures for top sellers
  • Personalised recommendations for optimising the detail page
  • Optimisation of search terms
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How did we support other selling partners?

As the first German Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme participant, we are incredibly proud to be part of an innovative programme that allows us to map and scale our business model worldwide via Amazon stores.
Jan HenningsenCo-founder of sellvin AG
Thanks to strategic pan-EU consulting, we have succeeded in offering products internationally as part of Amazon Selling Partner 360, helping us win over potential new customers throughout Europe.
Thomas Weigel,Co-founder and managing director of Heim & Büro

What are the costs?

The total monthly costs include a monthly basic fee + a variable fee. The fee due is charged to your Seller Central Account on a monthly basis.

Total monthly cost

Basic fee
Variable fee
[previous month's revenue x 0.3%]*
* The total monthly costs are a maximum of €5000.
** The total revenue includes the revenue of all EU marketplaces.
*** All fees are exclusive of any applicable VAT and any other taxes that the seller is required to pay.


Monthly revenue = €50,000
€1600 + (0.3% x 50,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee of €1750
Monthly revenue = €100,000
€1600 + (0.3% x 100,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee of €1900

What are the next steps?

To learn more about Amazon Selling Partner 360:
  • Enter your details using the "Register Interest" button
  • We will review your seller account and one of our experts will contact you if your seller account is eligible to participate in the programme
  • You will confirm your conditional registration date on the waiting list and a Marketplace Consultant will be assigned to you



1. If I am not a brand owner, can Amazon Selling Partner 360 help me?
Yes, the programme is designed to help both brand owners and resellers who operate in Amazon stores. The focus modules you work on will differ depending on your business needs.
2. Does the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme include my accounts in Germany and Europe?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant will support your expansion and growth in Germany and all European stores. If you have a single account, you will be charged the €1600 monthly base fee once, regardless of how many Amazon stores you sell in. If you have separate accounts for each store, you can choose which accounts you want us to support and you will be billed separately for the accounts you choose.
3. Will the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme support my growth outside Germany and Europe?
No, we do not support your growth outside of Germany and Europe as the service we offer is limited exclusively to Europe. However, we work closely with the Global Selling Team and are therefore able to provide you with new market opportunities. Although we cannot work directly on your non-European and German account, your Marketplace Consultant can put you in touch with teams that can support your expansion outside of Germany and the EU.
4. I have more than one seller account. Can I work with just one Marketplace Consultant to help me with all my accounts?
Selling partners must register each account separately with Amazon Selling Partner 360. Depending on the availability of the Marketplace Consultant, you can work with just one consultant but also with several if necessary. Based on this close collaboration, we will then determine how you can best manage your various accounts. To learn more about multiple seller accounts, see FAQ 2.
5. I already work with several Amazon account managers. Why should I pay for this service?
When you join the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme, your Marketplace Consultant will: 1) Work together on your strategic goals, 2) Provide holistic support and not just focus on a specific programme or feature, 3) Proactively assess if there are growth opportunities for your account (such as expansion, marketing, selection, pricing) and keep you informed about the latest beta programmes and pilots. You also get access to Premium Technical Account Management.
6. What are the eligibility requirements for the programme?
To participate in the programme, you need a registered Amazon seller account that is not blocked in any marketplace. You will be placed on a waiting list and once your account is approved for the programme, you will be contacted by a Marketplace Consultant.
7. How do I know that Amazon Selling Partner 360 can successfully grow my business?
We continuously track selling partner satisfaction and use the feedback to shape the future of our programme. You are welcome to read case studies about the positive experiences of other selling partners. More detailed information about the companies that have benefited from Amazon Selling Partner 360 can be found here.
8. I am having problems with my Amazon account; can I get help before I start the programme?
Unfortunately, we are unable to support selling partners before the programme starts. Regardless of your registration status for the programme, you will have access to Technical Account Management, so please use this service until your official start date. Once you have registered for the programme, you will get access to a Marketplace Consultant, which will help your business grow, and to our Premium Technical Account Management, which will help you resolve specific operational issues (see FAQ 9–11 for more details). Please note that Amazon Selling Partner 360 does not provide solutions to questions about account-related actions (warnings and suspensions). All selling partners, including those in the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme, are subject to the same escalation and appeal processes for account-related or item-related measures.

Your Marketplace Consultant

9. Kann mir mein Marketplace Consultant bei der Behebung vorhandener operativer Probleme helfen?
Die Arbei Ihres Marketplace Consultant ist es, Sie strategisch zu beraten und nicht, an operativen Themen zu arbeiten. Ihr Geschäftserfolg ist jedoch im besten Interesse Ihres Consultants. Daher wird dieser sein/ihr Bestes tun, Sie mit den zuständigen technischen Teams in Verbindung zu setzen, falls Sie Unterstützung benötigen.
11. Will my Marketplace Consultant help me understand the tools available to me in Seller Central?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can guide you through all the tools available to you. You can tell them your desired information/features and they will explain them to you. If you would like to learn more about Seller Central, let your Marketplace Consultant know, so they can schedule it into the monthly meeting. If it is an ad hoc question, you can also contact your Marketplace Consultant by email.
12. Will Marketplace Consultants provide support for our Vendor Central account?
No, the scope of the programme is limited to your seller account.
13. How often will I talk to my Marketplace Consultant?
Your Marketplace Consultant will schedule a monthly appointment with you to review your business plan and help prioritise actions. Further telephone calls can be planned individually to support growth optimisation and to address other business needs. Selling partners receive the direct email address of their Marketplace Consultant.
14. How many accounts does each Marketplace Consultant manage?
Each Marketplace Consultant works closely with a small group of selling partners. The number of selling partners to be managed is limited per Marketplace Consultant, so they can focus on optimising your account and help you achieve your business goals. This is checked regularly as our top priority is your satisfaction.
15. Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees.
16. How much experience will my Marketplace Consultant have?
All our Marketplace Consultants are extensively trained to provide the best possible support to the programme's selling partners on topics such as fulfilment, inventory, selection, conversion growth, marketing, advertising, global expansion and much more.
17. How do you choose which Marketplace Consultant will be assigned to me?
Marketplace Consultants are assigned to selling partners as soon as their portfolios have been reviewed. We ensure that all Marketplace Consultants are trained to the same high standard. In addition, the selling partner portfolio of a Marketplace Consultant is limited to ensure that excellent service can be offered throughout.
18. Will there be someone who will remain our Marketplace Consultant for the entire time we are in the programme?
We cannot guarantee that your Marketplace Consultant will not change during your contract period. However, we value building a relationship and getting to know an account in detail in order to provide continuity with the same Marketplace Consultant if possible.
19. What if I am dissatisfied with the service I am receiving from my Marketplace Consultant?
The satisfaction of our selling partners is very important to us. You will receive a monthly satisfaction survey in which you can voice any concerns you have. Programme managers review these results closely to ensure that the service we offer is of the highest standard. If you state you are dissatisfied with the service in the feedback survey, you can also request a conversation with a manager to better understand your concerns and how to address them.

Sales promotions, marketing & programme options

20. Will my Marketplace Consultant proactively inform me about new programme opportunities?
Marketplace Consultants will provide information on new programmes, pilots and betas that can help you achieve your goals, based on your own business goals.
21. What kind of marketing support are we going to get?
Marketplace Consultants provide advice on all types of Amazon offers including coupons, lightning deals, 7-day offers and offer of the day. Offers are not guaranteed as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360 but the Marketplace Consultant will advise you on this topic to help you grow. Applicable offers may incur fees. As part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360, you will not receive any cost relief or discounts on offers and sales promotions.
22. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me create offers?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can explain how to submit offers and the different types of offers. For example, your Marketplace Consultant can also give you an offer of the day as long as you have suitable items for it. They can also help you develop an offer strategy based on your business goals and can provide guidance on the requirements to increase the chances of the offers being accepted.

Programme fees and conditions

23. What is the pricing structure for the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme?
Joining the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme will cost you €1600/month + 0.3% of your total sales in the previous calendar month, including the item price, excluding returns, fulfilment, gift wrap or other charges ("Total Monthly Revenue") + taxes. The total monthly costs are max. €5000.

Here is an example: Between 1 July and 31 July 2020, Kristin's jewellery business, a hypothetical seller on Amazon participating in the growth programme, made €130,000 of total monthly revenue across the EU (+ UK [no longer part of the EU as of 01/01/2021]). Kristin's jewellery shop would be charged €1990 (+ tax) on 1 August. Calculation: (€1600 + (0.003*€130,000))

Please note that the calculated costs are based on your total EU-wide (+UK [no longer part of the EU as of 01/01/2021]) monthly revenue of the previous month ("total monthly revenue" = item price* quantity; total monthly revenue does not include returns, fulfilment, gift wrap or other fees) and therefore can vary month to month.
24. When can I expect to be billed?
Invoicing will take place on the 1st calendar day of the month. See FAQ 25 for the calculation of your fees. The applicable fees can be found in Seller Central under the tab Reports - > Payments > Transaction View - > Service Fees - > Premium Services Fee.
25. How are my fees paid?
The fees are paid via your account balance. If the account balance is insufficient to pay the monthly invoice, the rest of the fee will be charged to your credit card.
26. Can I pay less if I do not use all of the services?
Amazon Selling Partner 360 is currently offered as a bundled package of services and cannot be separated into its constituent parts at this time.
27. What is the duration of the programme?
The minimum term of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme is 6 months. After the 6 months, you have the choice to continue the programme or leave the programme, giving a notice period of at least 30 days. Amazon Selling Partner 360 reserves the right to terminate your service at any time. There is no maximum contract duration.
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