How Primal State increased its annual turnover by 255%

We used Amazon's internal data for targeted marketing purposes.
Tobias Geiger, Head of E-Commerce
Primal State is a company in the dietary supplement and collagen products industry. It was founded in 2017 and began its Amazon journey selling whey protein powder. Over time, the company has diversified its product portfolio and successfully established itself.

Tobias, Head of E-Commerce at Primal State, talks about the complex challenges that prompted the company to join Amazon's SAS Pro programme. One of the main issues was repeated problems with bestsellers. These issues led to significant loss of revenue and uncertainty as to how they could be resolved effectively. Tobias insists strongly:

"We were having problems with our bestselling collagen powder time and again. This led to significant loss of revenue and we often didn't know what was causing this."

In 2023, Primal State made the strategic decision to join Amazon's SAS Pro programme to address these persistent issues. Two main topics were prioritised:
  • Expanding into international marketplaces: Primal State had ambitious plans to expand to international marketplaces, including the USA. The programme helped the company to do this in several ways, including complying with local regulations and adapting to different market requirements.
  • Solving the problem: The focus was on developing preventive measures to avoid problems in the future. Tobias explains: "We were keen to resolve the problems quickly and find better solutions for the future."
Listing optimisation
The focus areas included issues relating to product selection, brand development and international expansion. The SAS Pro programme gave Alpi Trade access to beta versions and pilot programmes, as well as customised reporting options that helped with decision making:

"Getting a feel for specific keywords and categories helped us a lot. Working on international expansion has also helped us move forward."
"We were having problems with our bestselling collagen powder time and again. This led to significant loss of revenue and we often didn't know what was causing this."
Joining the SAS Pro programme proved worthwhile for Primal State. Within a year, the company saw remarkable sales growth of 255%. This astonishing success was due to several factors:
1. Advertising campaign optimisation:
The company began taking full advantage of various advertising options on Amazon, including videos and display ads. This strategic implementation led to significantly increased visibility and traffic growth on its product pages.

Tobias emphasises:
"We've started using all the available advertising options."
2. External traffic: Primal State directed targeted external traffic to Amazon from its own online shop and from platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Doing this contributed significantly to increasing sales on Amazon.

Tobias reiterates:
"We specifically directed external traffic to Amazon from our online shop and other platforms."
3. Listing optimisation:
The programme identified and supplemented missing product attributes and information, which led to noticeable improvements in the performance of product listings.

Tobias explains:
"We've added missing product attributes and information to improve performance."
4. Target group analysis: Using Amazon's internal data enabled Primal State to develop highly targeted marketing strategies and focus on the right target group.

Tobias asserts:
"We used Amazon's internal data for targeted marketing."
Primal State plans to continue its international expansion, focusing more on further optimising its ad campaigns and improving performance on various marketplaces. The company will continue to work closely with Amazon's SAS Pro programme in order to achieve the best possible results.
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